Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Unsung Hero Award (Non-Clinical)

Zoe Thompson

Has been shortlisted for this award

Job title
Clinical Administrator 
Children, Families and Young People’s Service, Compass 

The nomination said...

Zoe is the Clinical Admin for the Compass Schools and also Recruitment. The admin role for the Compass Schools is a unique role that involves Zoe working with a whole range of staff across both the NSFT Compass Team and the schools’ teams from the Engage Schools Trust.

This is a critical role within the operation of the Compass Schools and one that often requires delicacy and tact which Zoe demonstrates admirably. She always works to provide the very best experience for the service users within the school and so while she obviously works hard to ensure the more routine parts of her role are always completed to a very high standard, she also will often been seen visiting the local supermarket to ensure that the resources necessary for their most recent activity or treat are also readily available.

In addition to the key roles that she has, Zoe is always willing to find time to help other colleagues within the Compass Business Support team, whenever they find themselves in need of support and brings a great sense of containment and support to all of her team.

One significant addition to Zoe’s role, that she has taken on willingly and positively, has been providing business support to the Compass Outreach Team. The Compass Out Reach Service is unusual, as being a commissioned service all of its referrals are sent from Norfolk County Council Social Workers and NCC Social Care. This means managing the referral system and being able to record the extra information that is needed to be able to meet the teams expectations of recording to NCC are unique and require a high level of accuracy and methodology to ensure they are correct. Despite still being a relatively recent arrival within the Trust (Summer 2017) this is something which Zoe has taken on with diligence and care.

Zoe shows a notable sense of calm and positivity whatever task she is being asked to carry out. She is incredibly organised and reliable, which has earned her the trust and respect of all of those who work with her. The main principle that Zoe demonstrates that underpins her success is a very deep sense of caring, caring for her colleagues and those she works to support and also caring about the quality of job that she does. That level of care means that the work she does and the service that she gives is always of the very highest standard and ensures that the young people get the very best deal that she is able to give them.

Zoe manages a unique role within NSFT as Clinical Administrator for the Compass Schools and, as such, she has had to carve out this unique position, which she has done with an amazing level of success. She gives hugely but is also always willing to listen to advice and take on board others’ opinions when that is helpful, but also willing to ‘stand her ground’ if she feels strongly about something.

No award can fully recognise the contribution that Zoe makes but being considered for this award would go some way to giving her the recognition that she deserves.