Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Unsung Hero Award (Non-Clinical)

Raymond Eales

Has been shortlisted for this award

Job title
ICT Service Desk Analyst 
Helledon Hospital 
Norwich, Norfolk 

The nomination said...

Every day Raymond shows his drive and passion to supporting staff with their ICT issues. Raymond takes ownership of every phone call that he receives on the ICT Service Desk, and successfully resolves over 80% of issues in the initial phone call to him. Raymond answers and resolves nearly twice the number of phone calls then the team’s average, regularly reaching 400 jobs resolved in a single month.

By delivering this level of service, Raymond ensures that our staff are operational as rapidly as possible and can return to supporting service users in as little time as is possible. He is always ready and able to provide support and cover to other teams within ICT and will regularly help the Service Desk’s Second Line Remote Support team when they are short staffed , to ensure that the second line team can met their Service Level targets – this is whilst continuing to answer calls on the Service Desk, without dropping his own Service Level.

Raymond volunteered to spend several months on a secondment with our Second Line Onsite Support team – Field Support. This was an opportunity for Raymond to develop his own technical knowledge and to gain a better understanding of how ICT fits into the frontline services. While on secondment, Raymond received excellent feedback from members of staff, particularly complimenting him for his professionalism and supportive manner, as well as his technical knowledge.

Upon his return to the Service Desk Raymond demonstrated his increased technical understanding with a further increase to his resolution rate and an excellent understanding of the Trust ‘s many sites, and the needs and requirements of our staff in terms of ICT. Ultimately this has led to improvements throughout the whole team as Raymond is able to share this knowledge and understanding with the rest of team.

Raymond is incredibly hardworking and dedicated to his work. From the moment he gets in, to the moment he goes home he keeps his head-down and gets on with the work at hand. He is technically knowledgeable but also has brilliant customer service skills, I regularly receive compliments for Raymond from other Trust staff and Raymond has even been complimented through the official Compliments process on several occasions.

Raymond understands and appreciates the pressures that clinicians are under; and how frustrating a faulty computer can be to a frontline clinician, and therefore, the importance of his role in helping that clinician to be back up and running.

Raymond is a shining star on the Service Desk and an asset to the entire Trust. I am incredibly proud to be the manager of such a hardworking and diligent individual. He is one of the quieter individuals on the Service Desk, and does not seek glory or even praise for his accomplishments.

I believe he has a very bright future in ICT and will continue to go from strength to strength.