Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Unsung Hero Award (Non-Clinical)

Nigel Alexander

Is a finalist for this award

Job title
IT Field Support Technician 
Bury South IDT 

The nomination said...

As we know, so much of our clinical success is dependent on our electronic systems being accessible and appropriate. At a time when so many of us are pulling our hair out with both hardware and software system issues, Nigel remains the calm and competent presence that can resolve problems.

We feel that Nigel is always approachable and will do his utmost to help to resolve a situation in the timeliest manner possible; often providing support immediately. He responds to emails when he is working remotely and if he is unable to attend immediately he always provides suggestions and a time to look at the problem.

Without Nigel’s support, particular situations would not have been resolved, and importantly we would have failed to deliver patient and carer treatment.

In addition to the practical support that Nigel delivers, I feel that he provides our whole IDT with a sense of confidence that we have someone local that we can turn to when problems inevitably arise. Nigel is always responsive to requests for support and brings a ‘can-do’ attitude to the situation. He works hard to clarify the problem that you are experiencing, is always respectful of any lack of knowledge on our part, and never patronising. He makes you feel as though he is working collaboratively to solve a shared problem. And he almost always resolves the issue.

It is not just his technical knowledge which sets him apart, but his personal qualities; he is calm and professional, he is bright and positive, all of which help to instill confidence in others. He shows respect for whichever team environment that he is working within, responding to either the need to work quietly or engage in friendly conversation. He treats people as an equal and is humble in response to his own skills.

Above all he makes himself available and present. I am sure he is under the same time pressures as the rest of us, yet he presents the attitude of having plenty of time for each individual member of staff. He also has a secret magic wand and despite the immense resource pressures, that we are all struggling with, he somehow provides items that we need and within an amazingly prompt timescale.

It can be so difficult, with the multiple pressures that we face, to feel that we are managing to achieve our job descriptions so to have a member of our local team who not only does his job, but goes above and beyond that in so many ways is a real privilege.