Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Unsung Hero Award (Non-Clinical)

Melanie Beadle

Has been shortlisted for this award

Job title
Clinical Administrator 
Children, Families and Young People’s Service, Compass 

The nomination said...

Looked after children are some of the most vulnerable children we work with, and the Compass LAAC team – as well as providing an enhanced service to Norfolk children – also works with children from across the country, who are placed within Norfolk and Waveney.

In January this year, we began to implement the use of a new protocol to enable NSFT to be able to recharge the cost of this provision to the young person’s originating CCG. This had been agreed at Commissioner level, but making it work on the ground was another thing altogether. Mel has taken this protocol and turned a set of agreements into a working strategy on her own, ensuring that NSFT are able to provide the care that these young people need in a timely way. This has involved her needing to identify originating doctor surgeries for the young people concerned, which has then meant she has been able to identify the CCG concerned. She then has had to develop links with these CCGs and get to know the individuals responsible for operating the protocol within their area. She has achieved this through her dedication, hard work and tenacity, overcoming countless obstacles along the way, but has not deviated from her desire to ensure the processes are in place to make sure the young people get the support they deserve.

In addition to working to arrange provision for children from Out of County, Mel has also worked tirelessly to support the Compass LAAC team during a period of change in the last 12 months. Most significantly, the team has completely changed its referral process into the system and this has created a huge increased demand on Mel to support this process and to make sure that assessments are arranged in a timely and efficient way.

Assessments carried out by the LAAC team can be challenging to organise as they can involve a range of people including: social workers, carers, the young person or people, plus at times other stakeholders such as CAHMS, Youth or the young person’s school. All of which can be complicated and a further complication is that the team covers the whole of Norfolk and so knowing which people to contact and how to contact them becomes an increasing challenge.

There have been a whole range of characteristics that Mel has demonstrated which make her worthy of this award. Firstly has been her unstinting determination to succeed, which has been backed up by her unstoppable initiative that she uses, alongside a sense of tenacity which means she gives her all to solving every problem and moving every situation forward. The most remarkable thing though is despite all of the commitments she has, she always has time to support her colleagues, always finding time to support even their smallest need, however busy she may be at the time and she does all of this with a remarkable sense of grace and humility.

To me, people who are suitable candidates for this award are those who use their initiative, are hard-working, caring, supportive and go the extra mile beyond what would be expected. Mel is all of these things and more. Not only does she go the extra mile but she continues for mile after mile beyond.