Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Unsung Hero Award (Non-Clinical)

Katherine Burgin

Is a finalist for this award

Job title
Team Administrator 
Abbeygate Ward, Wedgwood House 
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk 

The nomination said...

Our team would fall apart without Katy and her endless dedication to her job. Katy consistently, and without fail, goes well above and beyond the expectations of her job role for good reason.

I have worked with many different team administrators and have found that Katy is the best ever. Her attention to detail is superb and she always ensures that the team are on top of all the work from an administration view point. She is not afraid to push us, or to challenge us, when she needs to and this is always well received as she is always right!

Katy ensures that documents are always delivered on time and appropriately. She has contributed personally to discussion within the admin team about how to make positive changes successfully. Service users experience a much smoother transition between services from admission to discharge as there is never a hold up with documentation. Katy has no qualms about challenging medical staff alongside nursing staff when she is aware that jobs need completing and more importantly is always happy to support staff in ensuring quality.

Katy has in addition to her normal responsibilities also taken on the role of Wellbeing Champion for the ward. This involves liaising with other Champions to provide regular events in the building to help support staff across the board.

She always shows support for staff by volunteering to take small (and appropriate) tasks of nurses in order to free their time up to see service users. This makes a big difference to the nursing and OT teams and cannot be overstated. Katy never has any objections to helping staff in all manner of ways whether that is providing specific admin support or making a cup of tea when it is needed.

Katy has a very strong focus on her role and knows how important it is that her job is done correctly in order that service users can continue their recoveries both on and off the ward. This is at the forefront of all her actions and she is marvellously successful in this task. In short Katy is the living embodiment of respect for staff and service users all.

Katy is outstanding for a great many reasons. There is no-one I would trust more with sensitive and confidential information than Katy. She has a very strong ethical code that is clear to anyone who meets her. This translates across to her work ethic which is second to none. She makes sure that she always does everything asked of her to the absolute best of her ability and this is considerable. As a knowledge resource Katy provides our team with an invaluable human database. There is never a task that she ‘forgets’ to complete. On the very rare occasion where she has been unable to complete a task she always communicates this well and the usual reason for non-completion is due to another team member being less efficient than Katy! However, rather than be upset by this, Katy offers support to that staff member to get the job done. In short Katy cares about every service user and staff member she works with and does her absolute best every single day.

In her role as Wellbeing Champion Katy is always happy to listen to staff suggestions for themes and events. She is also happy to escalate any worries she may have and without stepping outside of her role provides a valuable first point of contact for staff who are struggling. The management team find this invaluable in supporting our whole team. We could not ask for a better team member.

Katy is the kind of employee that all managers dream of. She is rarely sick and never late. She arrives at work in a positive frame of mind and ready to do whatever is appropriately asked of her that day. She takes on tasks that are challenging and revels in this. More often than not she succeeds at a high level with these tasks. When she struggles she uses the experience to learn from and when faced with a similar situation she is prepared.

Katy very much uses the Trust Values to guide her through her work life and I cannot think of anyone else who is able to apply them to her role in the way that Katy does. This supports Katy’s high level of confidence as it backs up the great level of knowledge and skill she brings to her role. I have rarely met anyone in work with the level of positivity and kindness that Katy demonstrates without trying. This is not to say that Katy does not get frustrated at times but there is good reason and she takes action to resolve issues quickly and effectively with extra care to make sure others do not have to struggle with specific issues in future. This attitude further supports not just our team but others in the admin team around our work base.

Aside from her excellent standard of work she is a truly lovely person to have around. She is always positive and pleasant. She makes coming to work much easier for all with her attitude and abilities. We are truly lucky to have her.