WINNER: Paul Johnson

Staff Choice Awards:

Unsung Hero Award (Non-Clinical)

These awards are for two individuals who are recognised as going above and beyond the requirements of their ‘day jobs’ in pursuit of high quality service user care and / or the delivery of an excellent level of support to their colleagues / teams.

These are the people known by their colleagues as committed and passionate, who go about their job in a professional manner, giving their support generously to those around them and who will often be the last people to broadcast their successes.

There are two awards in this category: one for a staff member in a clinical role, the other in a non-clinical role. Please mark your nomination form accordingly.

Key points: The judging panel looked for all or some of the key points
highlighted in the Trust value most closely linked to this award and the specific criteria
attached to this award below.

Value: The Trust value most relevant to this award is Respectfully:
These individuals value everyone’s unique experiences and always see things from their perspective. They are always welcoming, take time to care and are professional and effective in their approach.

  • Regularly goes the extra mile in providing high quality care to service users
  • Is friendly and welcoming and values everyone
  • Always provides high levels of support to their colleagues
  • Acts as the foundation of their team and are always the first person to volunteer their services
  • Have improved our service user and carer experience of our services by removing obstacles to the delivery of high quality care
  • Recognised as having a commitment to recognising people’s unique experiences

  • Winner: Paul Johnson

    Establishing Trust Values was never going to be an easy job and could easily have absorbed a big team to achieve it but, instead, Paul Johnson was given the enormous task with just one helper. He has zig-zagged across Norfolk and Suffolk, listening to very diverse views and come away and been abl...

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  • Finalist: Emma Corlett

    Emma is the only Youth Participation worker for NSFT, she does amazing work and it is inspiring.

    Through the youth participation that Emma strives to achieve, I got involved with the Youth Council. From the confidence and self-esteem gained from that I was able to get an apprenticeship wit...

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  • Finalist: Isabel Pollock

    Quite simply the Wellbeing Service Norfolk & Waveney would be lost without Isabel.

    As the service’s Business Support Manager (BSM) Isabel has responsibility for data quality, admin line management, ensuring accurate contract dashboard reports and responsibility for the electronic...

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  • Andy Harding

    Lee Johnson

    Andy has always put the patient first. He has demonstrated this by working closely with charity organisations, fund raising, and running gym groups for staff and patients, gardening groups and so on.

    His actions are always from a patient first mentality ...

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  • Emily Price

    Heather Smith:

    Emily works on Reception and with the Admin Support team here at Peddars. Emily is always cheerful and gets on with everybody. She will offer to help any member of the team and is respectful, pleasant and knowledgeable. When she takes calls from our service ...

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  • Heather Edwards

    Claire Edwards:

    Heather volunteers for NSFT to train professional care staff and carers in Music Mirrors, a dementia training workshop that Heather has developed. This uses a person’s life story through music, linking key moments of their life to the music they reme...

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  • Jan Hornsby

    Lindsay Sadler: Jan Hornsby works as Foxhall Houses team administrative assistant. Jan works tirelessly to ensure that the team are prepared and up to date in their practices and that the team’s objectives are met.

    Jan single handily created a ‘task teamR...

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  • Julie Trenholm

    Julie is the Clinical Audit Lead for the Trust and, in this post, she supports a small team of auditors who work hard in supporting clinicians and managers in understanding the impact of the services we provide on the service users experience. Audit enables practitioners to reflect upon their pra...

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  • Kelly Hume & Moira Blackledge

    Karon O’Flanagan: Kelly and Moira have provided NRP service users and affected others (carers) with a real life vision of recovery, by offering 1:1 support and leading on group work. Seeing recovery “in the flesh” provides others with hope and belief that recovery i...

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Kelly Hume & Moria Blackledge – Peer Support Workers | Norfolk Recovery Partnership
Kelly and Moira are a reminder to staff that recovery is achievable and no matter how challenging the individual is, the work that staff are doing is valuable.

Heather Edwards – Volunteer | Dementia Training Team
Heather has the most remarkable energy and enthusiasm. She also has a huge passion to bring joy and happiness through her love of music to many elderly people as well as our dementia patients.

Emily Price – Management Support Administrator | Peddar’s Centre, Hellesdon Hospital, Norwich
The building would not run smoothly or effectively without Emily. She is the foundation of the whole operation.

Emma Corlett – Youth Participation Project Lead | Youth Participation
Emma is the person behind all of the Youth Coucil’s successes, and we couldn’t have done any of it without her.

Jan Hornsby – Administrative Assistant | St Clements Hospital, Ipswich
Jan’s responsibilities are conducted to an exceptional level and she really is the backbone of Foxhall House. She is a friend and outstanding colleague to everyone. If cloning were possible…everyone would want a Jan!

Switchboard Team – Hellesdon | Switchboard/Reception, Hellesdon Hospital
The team who work on switchboard, managed by Linda Smith, always go the extra mile to be helpful and supportive. They are the face of the entire Trust.

Julie Trenholm – Clinical Audit Lead | Clinical Audit
Julie is a good person; she is kind, funny, considerate and honest. Julie is always measured in her responses to difficult situations and demonstrates respect and commitment to the work of colleagues and the Trust.

Isabel Pollock – Business Support Manager | Business Support – Conifers
Isabel has honesty, integrity and an enthusiasm to do the best work possible at all times. Her natural ability to deliver huge projects quietly and confidently lead to her being a truly unsung hero of the Trust.

Paul Johnson, Organisational Development Manager  | Organisational Development Team
To ‘Put People First’ is by definition an unselfish act. That most sums up Paul.

Andy Harding – Fitness Instructor | Foxhall House, St Clements
Whatever challenges are posed, he always works around the issues in order to resolve them. He is always upbeat, optimistic and cheerful, and never fails to brighten up the day of those around him.

Claire Chilvers – Senior Clinical Team Administrator | Ipswich IDT (Integrated Delivery Team)
Claire’s unique selling point is that she is easily overlooked by virtue of the fact that she gets on with her job in such a calm and efficient mannaer, and is therefore the sort of person who would not expect rewards or commendations.

Isobel Hall – Team Administrator | Cedar House, St Clements Hospital, Ipswich
Izzy is always helpful and respectful towards patients and staff and always goes the extra mile to solve problems for us. She is the reason our team has managed so well.

James Lunny – Administrator | Marriott Centre, Hellesdon Hospital
James shows a high level of intelligence and desire for things to just be ‘better’. He takes ownership of an issue and displays determination and kindness in his work.

Marie Cheeseman – Senior Clinical Administrator | Northgate Hospital, Great Yarmouth
Marie works very hard to ensure that all our admin duties are met. Without her, our team would struggle to function.

Claire Holden – Training Co-ordinator | Education & Development Team
Claire’s unique selling points are her buoyant personality – no task, no matter how daunting, defeats her. She is positive, proactive and unbelievably hard working. Claire is intelligent and innovative – she thinks ‘outside the box’, comes up with unique ideas, and will persevere with a job until it is finished.