WINNER: Liz Keay

Staff Choice Awards

Unsung Hero Award (Non-Clinical)

This is one of two awards for individuals who are recognised as going above and beyond the requirements of their ‘day jobs’ in pursuit of high quality service user care and / or the delivery of an excellent level of support to their colleagues / teams.

These are the people known by their colleagues as committed and passionate, who go about their job in a professional manner, giving their support generously to those around them and who will often be the last people to broadcast their successes.

There are two awards in this category: one for a staff member in a clinical role, the other in a non-clinical role.

The judging panel are looking for all or some of the key points highlighted in the Trust value most closely linked to this award and the specific criteria attached to this award, outlined below:


The Trust value most relevant to this award is Respectfully

These individuals value everyone’s unique experiences and always see things from their perspective. They are always welcoming, take time to care and are professional and effective in their approach.


  • Regularly goes the extra mile in providing high quality care to service users
  • Is friendly and welcoming and values everyone
  • Always provides high levels of support to their colleagues
  • Acts as the foundation of their team and are always the first person to volunteer their services
  • Have improved our service user and carer experience of our services by removing obstacles to the delivery of high quality care
  • Recognised as having a commitment to recognising people’s unique experiences

  • Winner: Liz Keay

    Liz has been an inspired choice as the Freedom to speak up Guardian. Enthusiastic, kind, trustworthy, wise and above all sympathetic and non-judgmental, Liz has given both a listening ear and hope to all comers who have approached her with concerns.

    She is well known (including for her Tru...

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  • Finalist: Nigel Alexander

    As we know, so much of our clinical success is dependent on our electronic systems being accessible and appropriate. At a time when so many of us are pulling our hair out with both hardware and software system issues, Nigel remains the calm and competent presence that can resolve problems.

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  • Finalist: Katherine Burgin

    Our team would fall apart without Katy and her endless dedication to her job. Katy consistently, and without fail, goes well above and beyond the expectations of her job role for good reason.

    I have worked with many different team administrators and have found that Katy is the best ever. H...

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  • Melanie Beadle

    Looked after children are some of the most vulnerable children we work with, and the Compass LAAC team – as well as providing an enhanced service to Norfolk children – also works with children from across the country, who are placed within Norfolk and Waveney.

    In January this year, we ...

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  • Mark Brown

    Mark is a kind, friendly individual who on all my encounters with him has gone above and beyond. Whilst recently supporting Mark with some training for Service Users, Mark was fully engaged in the process, and provided myself and a colleague with invaluable support to overcome some IT issues we w...

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  • Raymond Eales

    Every day Raymond shows his drive and passion to supporting staff with their ICT issues. Raymond takes ownership of every phone call that he receives on the ICT Service Desk, and successfully resolves over 80% of issues in the initial phone call to him. Raymond answers and resolves nearly twice t...

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  • Tom Rhodes

    Tom is the Senior Research Facilitator for NSFT. His main role is to assess and support the set-up of all research studies taking place in the Trust. This involves undertaking feasibility assessments to understand resource and reputational implications for the research, identify training needs fo...

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  • Sahra Smith

    In May 2018, the biggest single change in data protection law for a generation came into effect with the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This meant that the Trust needed to be ready for this change despite challenges from a lack of governmental and national NHS g...

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  • Zoe Thompson

    Zoe is the Clinical Admin for the Compass Schools and also Recruitment. The admin role for the Compass Schools is a unique role that involves Zoe working with a whole range of staff across both the NSFT Compass Team and the schools’ teams from the Engage Schools Trust.

    This is a critical...

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  • Carole Watlow

    Carole is a volunteer for the Trust and works with the Green Light team; she is highly motivated in her role as volunteer, spending at least one full day every week in the office as well as attending numerous, meetings, events and training sessions across the organisation.

    She eloquently s...

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Nigel Alexander – IT Field Support Technician | Bury South IDT

Nigel is always responsive to requests for support and brings a ‘can-do’ attitude to the situation; he works hard to clarify the problem, is always respectful and never patronising. He makes you feel as though he is working collaboratively to solve a shared problem.

Melanie Beadle – Clinical Administrator | Children, Families and Young People’s Service, Compass

Melanie has an unstinting determination to succeed, which has been backed up by her unstoppable initiative, alongside a sense of tenacity. She always has time to support her colleagues however busy she may be and she does this with a remarkable sense of grace and humility.

Claire Bowyer – Team Administrator | Liaison and Diversion, Suffolk

Claire’s positive attitude underpins her work style as she always does the best that she can. Always available, doing things for the team, challenging herself to do new and necessary tasks. She is the first one to suggest new ideas to help the team function more effectively.

Mark Brown – Recovery College Lead | Recovery College West Norfolk

Mark is outstanding as he is genuinely committed to ensuring that the concept of recovery through organisational change is at the heart of everything he does. He has grown West Norfolk Recovery College because of his passion, commitment and belief in the benefits.

Mark has kept the Recovery College in great shape and helped it grow by nurturing staff and running many of the courses. Mark is always approachable, happy to talk to and help everyone, and will fight to make sure the Recovery College is getting the support it deserves.

Mark is always happy and engaging when you meet with him and demonstrates our Trust values exceptionally. He would always give his best, and be a positive influence in getting things progressed.

Katherine Burgin – Team Administrator | Abbeygate Ward, Wedgwood House, Bury St Edmunds

Katy has a very strong ethical code and a positive character. She makes sure that she always does everything asked of her to the absolute best of her ability and this is considerable. As a knowledge resource Katy provides our team with an invaluable human database.

Matthew Chatten – Clinical Support Administrator | Wellbeing Norfolk &Waveney

Matthew has natural empathy for clients and colleagues alike and puts people at ease with his caring manner. He is someone you can rely on for support and guidance and treats every individual based on their needs.

Raymond Eales – ICT Service Desk Analyst | Helledon Hospital, Norwich

Raymond is incredibly hardworking and dedicated. From the moment he gets in he keeps his head down and gets on with the work at hand. He is technically knowledgeable and has brilliant customer service skills. Raymond is a shining star on the Service Desk.

Caroline Franks – Administrator | Recovery College, Gt Yarmouth & Waveney

Caroline has ensured the smooth running of the Recovery College admin in Great Yarmouth and Waveney so that we can continue to offer courses in Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth. The uptake is high and students report benefits and encouragement from the courses.

ICT | Helledon Hospital, Norwich

ICT work together with clinicians, stakeholders, and across multiple platforms to keep everything we need humming away to support service user care. They do this with positivity, respect and collaboration while also being proactive and innovative.

Liz Keay – Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

Universally respected, Liz is enthusiastic, kind, trustworthy, wise and, above all, sympathetic and non-judgmental. She has given both a listening ear and hope to all comers who have approached her with concerns.

Kim McIntyre – Management Admin Support | Autism Diagnostic Service, Suffolk

Kim works with everyone to achieve what she needs to do. Always patient and diligent, she will keep explaining a point until people understand why it is important. She is always positive and cheerful and everything runs more smoothly for us with her support.

Tom Rhodes – Senior Research Facilitator | Hellesdon Hospital, Norwich

Tom is hard working and keeps the mechanics of the research service going fluidly. Few people have the opportunity to recognise the enormous contribution he makes to the underlying work and systems which have improved the research service’s performance year-on-year.

Ravi Seenan – Head of Equalities and Engagement

Ravi is a consummate professional who is also empathetic and compassionate which makes you feel at ease. He is someone with passion and dedication who does his job because he loves it. Ravi is one of the people that you would want to be your manager.

Louise Slade – Clinical Administrator | Adult Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Team, King’s Lynn

Louise is friendly, welcoming, values everyone and provides high levels of support to her colleagues. She acts as the foundation of the team and is always the first person to volunteer their services. Nothing is too much trouble and she is always keen to learn new processes.

Karen Smith – Senior Administrator | Children, Families and Young People’s Services, Central Norfolk

Karen has a professional, friendly and supportive manner with a positive attitude and commitment to high quality work. This means that as well as always providing excellent administrative support herself she also ensures that her team are able to do the same.

Karen is a valued and supportive team member who is able to ‘think out of the box’ in relation to planning care and goal setting. She takes great pride in her role and has the ability to influence others positively. Karen is passionate, supportive and caring in her approach.

Margaret Smith – Data Technician | Early Intervention Team, Central Norfolk

What makes Margaret outstanding is her ability to ensure that necessary processes are adhered to by relating to her colleagues with the utmost respect, combined with charming assertiveness. She is well liked and valued for the support she gives to the team.

Sahra Smith – Information Governance Manager | Information Governance Services

Sahra’s leadership as the GDPR Programme Manager cannot be underestimated. Learning new skills and keeping things under control was an example to all. Without Sahra’s efforts, GDPR would not have happened as easily in a new and complex area that is important to our staff and service users alike.

Zoe Thompson – Clinical Administrator | Children, Families and Young People’s Service, Compass

Zoe shows a sense of calm and positivity, and is incredibly organised and reliable. She has a deep sense of caring which means that the service she provides is of the very highest standard and ensures that the young people get the very best that she is able to give them.

Carole Watlow – Green Light Volunteer | Lowestoft

Carole is inspirational! Despite all the challenges she faced she remains committed to improving other people’s lives. She wants to make a difference and feels that for so long her own voice was never heard, but now she has the confidence she will use this in every way she can.

Sita Wilkerson-Roe – PALS Officer | Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)

Sita is always friendly and attentive, a brilliant role model for maintaining a positive attitude despite constantly dealing with difficult situations and people in distress. She has a smile that brightens any room, and lifts the spirits of those with whom she works.

Congratulations to all our nominees – your dedication and commitment to quality care have been recognised by your colleagues across the Trust.