Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Unsung Hero Award (Clinical)

Sue Boucher

Is the winner of this award

Job title
Assistant Practitioner 
Bury North IDT 

The nomination said...

Sue has been working for the Trust for about 10 years and most recently in the Bury North IDT as an Assistant Practitioner. She is a committed and energetic worker who relentlessly sought to engage clients in the community and has always known when to give people a nudge to help them to start to do the things that they need to, but are scared or reluctant to do.

She is direct but caring with service-users; a hard worker who did not expect any plaudits for what she did. She has had serious health difficulties for a long period of time but always came back to work earlier than maybe she should have – her commitment to her clients and sense of duty shone through. Sue never asked for sympathy but simply got back to doing what she cared about.

She has been at the centre of several community initiatives in the area, including Open Space in Newmarket and establishing the social group in Mildenhall, and regularly helped people feel comfortable in various groups around our patch. She knew how to bring people together and to help them to relax when they might be feeling worried or anxious. When people met her they knew that they would see a friendly face with a wicked sense of humour, someone who was realistic and understanding about the challenges they faced, and that she would be looking for any hope that there could be a different future for them.

She is someone who is direct, kind and tremendous fun. She sees the funny side of a lot of things and has a brilliant laugh. She was a perfect office mate – willing to be serious when required but needing no invitation to indulge in some fun when necessary – and always had time for anyone. She has a huge heart.