Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Unsung Hero Award (Clinical)

Petra Cutmore

Has been shortlisted for this award

Job title
Clinical Support Worker 
Sandringham Ward, Julian Hospital 
Norwich, Norfolk 

The nomination said...

Petra Cutmore is a CSW based on Sandringham Ward but has taken the role as Activities Assistant also. She has made this role her own to ensure the patients on Sandringham Ward have activities and events taking place every day on the ward to assist in their recovery.

In the last few months the atmosphere on the ward has been lifted as the patients look forward to participating in the events that she has organised. Petra researches the questions for quizzes, makes colouring stencils, and finds guides on how to make things and searches for music and popular activities all in her own time as she has no time available during her shifts.

Petra spends each morning acting as quiz master on the ward, asking the questions and interacting with all the patients. The feedback we have received from patients on discharge has been amazing and donations have been made to the charitable fund to support further activity.

Petra also makes sure all the patients have the opportunity to visit the cafe on site as she walks them over and buys them a cup of tea and a cake, usually out of her own pocket! She takes the patients to the shops if they need new shoes or toiletries. All of this activity is on top of her role of CSW!

Petra organized the stall for the Summer Fete at Hellesdon, she procured the prizes for the stall by approaching local businesses, she made all the props for the games on the stall by creating an activity with the patients so they could all help making these and on the day, Petra manned the stall all day.

She always puts the patients first in order to speed up their personal recovery. Petra has managed to involve even the most isolated patients on the ward in her word quiz, getting them involved and shouting out the answers. Petra is fantastic at building trust with patients and they all comment on how wonderful she has been with them.