Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Unsung Hero Award (Clinical)

Dr Abosede Ighomereho

Has been shortlisted for this award

Job title
Consultant Psychiatrist in Old Age 
Town Close Clinic, Julian Hospital 
Norwich, Norfolk 

The nomination said...

Dr Bose Ighomereho is flexible and accommodating to service users. She uses a person centred approach and takes time to deliver clinical information sensitively, and with respect to the individual and their family. This has sometimes resulted in her working clinically on days which she had designated for developmental activities, or responding to queries from patients and colleagues while on a break.

There is no hierarchy with Bose, she values each individual contribution and does not deem herself to be an authority on all matters, despite being a highly respected clinician, and lecturer at the UEA Medical School.

Bose notices when colleagues are under pressure or having a difficult time and offers support and comfort, while reinforcing self-esteem and clinical ability. She is always receptive and has an open door for conversations. She usually will have some very wise advice to give but never appears superior in delivering it.

Bose readily agreed to support me as a Designated Medical Practitioner in undertaking a Non-Medical Prescribing Module. She researched the role obligations and has provided me with one-to-one time on a very regular basis, despite having a great many other obligations competing for her time. Bose has relentlessly supported me in envisaging a non-prescribing role within the team, where there is no precedent in our area of the service currently. I was really touched that she sought out medical colleagues who had already undertaken a DMP role, to ensure she was fully versed in meeting her mentor obligations. Every time she meets with me she brings new information for me to consider and prints off research to enable me to question clinical situations.

Bose believes that everyone has knowledge and skills to bring to the fore. She believes in supporting others and strengthening relationships to support one another. She believes in maintaining her humanity and is humble and gracious in her approach to all matters. Even in times of difficulty, Bose has never appeared impatient, irritated or overwhelmed. Bose has many qualities which are highly valued by the team.

She is a new Consultant to the team and carried the weight of living up to expectations from a team who highly regarded her predecessor. Our expectations have been met and indeed surpassed, as Bose continues to give her full enthusiasm to the role. She is unique in attempting to be relentlessly responsive and supportive, finding time somehow to undertake a joint assessment, even when her diary is full.

She is equally respectful and attentive to everyone in the team from Support Worker to fellow Consultant across the spectrum.

Bose is an exceptional doctor and her clinical skills are extremely good. She is happy to share her knowledge with others and will gladly give the same factual clinical information on several occasions in order that you can retain it, and she does this with good grace and humour. She has had to do this more and more in order to help me develop appropriate prescribing skills.

She is caring to patients and equally caring to colleagues. We are very lucky to have Bose.