Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Unsung Hero Award (Clinical)

David Turner

Is a finalist for this award

Job title
Charge Nurse 
Norvic Secure Services 
Norwich, Norfolk 

The nomination said...

David has always been calm and composed when addressing both staff and patients. He often goes out of his way to ensure that colleagues are well and that their concerns are aired.

One of the remarkable things about David is that he is able to offer and deliver support to colleagues in a manner that often seems effortless. My thoughts are that this is due to his serenity. I will never forget chatting to David as I received the news that my father had committed suicide in America while my mother was visiting here in the UK. David paused for a moment and told me that he believed I could do it and I could manage my emotions and those of my mother.

He believes in people and helps them to be better and to cope with very demanding situations. David does this without compromising himself and upholds the values of the NHS. He acknowledges difficulties and looks for solutions rather than fostering doubt and discontent. If it weren’t for David and a select few, I wonder if I would be alive today or still have passion for my vocation.

David is well suited for his role and is always approachable and the service reaps the rewards of his demeanour, dedication and professionalism.

David is approachable, intelligent, articulate and fluid in professional and interpersonal decorum. He is a team player and speaks honestly, yet optimistically about the role that we as a team play in supporting acutely unwell patients in a forensic setting.

David has a high level of empathy and seems to often take in the bigger picture while dealing with the finer details of staff management and patient wellbeing.

Without compromising himself or the safety of others he draws upon life experiences to calm and reassure those he comes in contact with. David fosters hope and is steadfast in his approach, support and care of both staff and patients.

An important part of his role as a charge nurse is facilitating a natural process of functionality in what is in essence an unnatural environment.

David always looks towards the greater good and has been a champion and advocate for those who at times are unable to employ self-efficacy. I trust him with many of my inner most thoughts and my mental wellbeing as do many others and service users.