Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Unsung Hero Award (Clinical)

Andrew Middlecoat

Has been shortlisted for this award

Job title
Lead Psychotherapist 
Compass Training Partnership; Child, Family and Young Person’s Services 
Little Plumstead, Norwich 

The nomination said...

Andrew Middlecoat works as a Lead Psychotherapist. He works passionately every day to enhance the lives of others, supporting service users and colleagues across Child, Family and Young Person’s Services and through the Compass Training Partnership (CTP).

Andrew always goes the extra mile in providing high quality care to service users. Andrew delivers effective systemic family therapy to vulnerable services users in his role as a Lead Psychotherapist. He has also been instrumental in the creation of the CTP. Andrew developed the CTP after realising the benefits of upskilling existing NSFT staff in systemic thinking to respond to the needs of service users across the region.

In addition to his work as a busy Lead Psychotherapist, in 2013 Andrew designed a Foundation Course in Family Therapy. After successfully delivering this course in 2014, Andrew began to grow course provision as CTP Course Director, upskilling professionals working across multi-agency teams in the hopes that a systemically-trained workforce will be able to enhance the quality of care for many service users.

Today, Andrew continues to act as the foundation of the CTP and is always the first person to volunteer his services. He goes above and beyond the requirements of his role, taking an active approach to course recruitment, course delivery and the development of new course material. Andrew clearly demonstrates his passion and dedication for providing high quality care for service users through his continual improvement of family therapy course provision.

The impact of his workforce and development training has been to upskill professionals across the system; health, education, social care and voluntary sector in Norfolk and Suffolk. This provides a more resilient workforce better placed to meet the needs of children and young people.

He has been instrumental in the development and delivery of programmes within CFYP. The programmes and training that he runs which examine the theory, evidence base and practical application of family therapy across a range of different work contexts. Andrew is currently Course Director for three courses which offer systemic training to professionals working across Child, Family and Young Person Services and beyond.

Since 2014, Andrew has upskilled hundreds of people and has also worked hard to secure course accreditation from the Association of Family Therapy. This has meant that existing professionals within Norfolk and Suffolk who undertake a foundation and intermediate level course are able to advance their knowledge and skills to the professional standard of ‘Systemic Practitioner’.

Andrew’s vision has always been to upskill existing staff across Norfolk and Suffolk, so that vulnerable service users across the health, social care, education and voluntary sectors can receive a greater level of systemic support from trained and well-informed practitioners. Andrew has contributed enormously to the training of a multi-disciplinary support network, and has also taken a cost-effective and cohesive approach to training, giving existing therapeutic professionals the opportunity to develop their teaching skills by participating as Course Tutors.

Andrew always shows commitment to recognising people’s unique talents and provides high levels of support to his colleagues, particularly in regards to their professional development. In 2018 Andrew was successful in a bid to NHS England to pilot a Systemic Supervisor Programme. This was successfully piloted and is being commissioned in 2019 by Norfolk County Council, in recognition of the impact of the pilot on the workforce that attended taking a systemic approach to their practice as leaders within a CFYP system.

In 2019 we envisage to run four systemic supervisor programmes to include our own workforce in partnership with NCC to greater realise our ambition of leadership integration.