WINNER: James Miles

WINNER: Sue Boucher

Staff Choice Awards

Unsung Hero Award (Clinical)

This is one of two awards for individuals who are recognised as going above and beyond the requirements of their ‘day jobs’ in pursuit of high quality service user care and / or the delivery of an excellent level of support to their colleagues / teams.

These are the people known by their colleagues as committed and passionate, who go about their job in a professional manner, giving their support generously to those around them and who will often be the last people to broadcast their successes.

There are two awards in this category: one for a staff member in a clinical role, the other in a non-clinical role.

The judging panel are looking for all or some of the key points highlighted in the Trust value most closely linked to this award and the specific criteria attached to this award, outlined below:


The Trust value most relevant to this award is Respectfully

These individuals value everyone’s unique experiences and always see things from their perspective. They are always welcoming, take time to care and are professional and effective in their approach.


  • Regularly goes the extra mile in providing high quality care to service users
  • Is friendly and welcoming and values everyone
  • Always provides high levels of support to their colleagues
  • Acts as the foundation of their team and are always the first person to volunteer their services
  • Have improved our service user and carer experience of our services by removing obstacles to the delivery of high quality care
  • Recognised as having a commitment to recognising people’s unique experiences

  • Winner: James Miles

    James always provides high levels of support to his colleagues and is a valued trusted senior nurse. He will often take on extra tasks and work to support his colleagues without question. James is positive, helpful and respectful on every shift.

    James acts as a foundation within the Home T...

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  • Winner: Sue Boucher

    Sue has been working for the Trust for about 10 years and most recently in the Bury North IDT as an Assistant Practitioner. She is a committed and energetic worker who relentlessly sought to engage clients in the community and has always known when to give people a nudge to help them to start to ...

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  • Finalist: Heidi McKay

    Heidi is passionate about making a difference to service user’s experience. She has taken the lead for Central Acute Green Light Champions with resounding success, this area having far more Champions than any other locality within the Trust.

    She leads on bi-monthly local meetings to driv...

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  • Finalist: David Turner

    David has always been calm and composed when addressing both staff and patients. He often goes out of his way to ensure that colleagues are well and that their concerns are aired.

    One of the remarkable things about David is that he is able to offer and deliver support to colleagues in a ma...

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  • Kathryn Barrow

    When I think about Kathryn, I think about a shining light. No matter how difficult the ward environment, if we are facing challenging circumstances, Kathryn will be there, doing her very best and always with a big smile and a hug. Frequently, she works additional hours to support the ward when ne...

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  • Ellen Cawthorn

    Ellen has delivered a consistently excellent standard of care to the service users on the ward and leadership to the ward staff. She has completed her Non-Medical Prescriber course, which will enhance her skills and knowledge towards patient care. She has also been an active member of the leaders...

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  • Paul Collier

    Paul has been working in a newly developed role within Older Person Service in West Norfolk as a Non-Medical Prescriber. In his new role, he has received many compliments from patients through the Family and Friends Test, which inspired me to ensure that all his hard work and commitment do not go...

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  • Petra Cutmore

    Petra Cutmore is a CSW based on Sandringham Ward but has taken the role as Activities Assistant also. She has made this role her own to ensure the patients on Sandringham Ward have activities and events taking place every day on the ward to assist in their recovery.

    In the last few months ...

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  • Dr Abosede Ighomereho

    Dr Bose Ighomereho is flexible and accommodating to service users. She uses a person centred approach and takes time to deliver clinical information sensitively, and with respect to the individual and their family. This has sometimes resulted in her working clinically on days which she had design...

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  • Andrew Middlecoat

    Andrew Middlecoat works as a Lead Psychotherapist. He works passionately every day to enhance the lives of others, supporting service users and colleagues across Child, Family and Young Person’s Services and through the Compass Training Partnership (CTP).

    Andrew always goes the extra mil...

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  • Sunny Smith

    Sunny has been a band 5 Occupational Therapist for three years in a mental health setting and during this time she has continued to grow and develop as a practitioner. She has an infectious, caring attitude and is an energetic individual.

    Sunny is friendly and welcoming and demonstrates th...

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Kathryn Barrow – Staff Nurse | Poppy Ward, Woodlands Unit, Ipswich

Kathryn takes into account the needs of the patients and always acts with empathy. She is one of the most professional individuals I have had the pleasure of working with. Kathryn has an understanding of the impact of kindness and the exponential potential that small acts have.

Kathryn’s empathy towards service users is always apparent and shines through when dealing with staff too. She is a vibrant, inspiring character, with a constantly positive disposition. She has brought a calm assurance to the role and an holistic, inclusive approach to addressing barriers.

Scott Cator – Senior Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner | Northgate Hospital, Great Yarmouth

Scott is always knowledgeable but in a way that isn’t rigid. He always steps forward to ensure we are looked after as trainees but also pushes us to develop and grow. Scott also removes obstacles to our training and enabled us to get the most out of our training experience.

Ellen Cawthorn – Charge Nurse | Churchill Ward, Fermoy Unit, King’s Lynn

One of the greatest compliments anyone can give you as a nurse is: “I would like my love ones to be nursed by you” – this is what I feel about Ellen. She portrays confidence, compassion and skills in abundance. I leave feeling confident that our service users are in very safe hands.

Paul Collier – Non-Medical Prescriber | Older Person’s Service, King’s Lynn

Paul ensures that patients and carers have the opportunity to feedback about their experience of his assessment and prescribing clinics, so that he and the wider service can benefit from this feedback and continue to improve the service offered to patients.

Petra Cutmore – Clinical Support Worker | Sandringham Ward, Julian Hospital, Norwich

Petra always puts the patients first in order to speed up their personal recovery. She has managed to involve even the most challenging of patients and is fantastic at building trust with patients. They all comment how wonderful she has been with them.

Mandy Harley – Clinical Support Worker | Dementia Intensive Support Team, Woodlands, Ipswich

Mandy is a hard working and inspirational lady. She believes that every person deserves to receive excellent patient care and ensures that they do. Mandy takes the time to get to know people, understand what is important to them and how she can help them achieve it.

Louise Hyde – Staff Nurse | Beach Ward, Julian Hospital, Norwich

Louise is dedicated to her job and is great example to others. She is hard working, humble, polite and always shows others great respect. Louise copes well with challenging situations and always attempts to find solutions to help resolve issues.

Dr Abosede Ighomereho – Consultant Psychiatrist in Old Age | Town Close Clinic, Julian Hospital, Norwich

Bose believes that everyone has knowledge and skills to bring to the fore. She believes in supporting others and strengthening relationships to support one another. Bose is humble and gracious in her approach and never appears impatient or overwhelmed.

Heidi McKay – Matron | Central Acute Service, Norfolk

Heidi is always positive in her manner and respectful of others. In all of her work, she works together, whether this is with her staff team, parents, carers or service users. Heidi is always driven by co-production and is keen to make a difference.

Scott Mason – Nurse | Bury South IDT, Child and Family Pathway, Suffolk

I have seen Scott working with passion, compassion and dedication. He is curious and often goes beyond his duty of care to support a young child and their family. He has managed to prevent many young patients from entering the criminal justice system.

Andrew Middlecoat – Lead Psychotherapist | Little Plumstead, Norwich

Andrew is a deeply caring person and a real visionary. His creative thinking and passion for helping others has helped him to develop training which has been instrumental in helping to remove obstacles to the delivery of high quality care.

James Miles – Nurse | Home Treatment Team, West Suffolk

James is friendly and welcoming and regularly goes the extra mile. He is an outstanding nurse and takes a very thorough approach to his role and is an outstanding student mentor. James has great humility and does an excellent job every day.

Sunny Smith – Occupational Therapist | Children, Families and Young People’s Services, Central Norfolk

Sunny is passionate about the role of the Occupational Therapist in mental health services and this underpins her whole approach and ethos to practice. This is also clear with Sunny’s creative behaviour management with the young people she works with.

David Turner – Charge Nurse | Norvic Secure Services, Norwich

David is a team player with a high level of empathy. He seems to often take in the bigger picture while dealing with the finer details of staff management and patient wellbeing. David fosters hope and is steadfast in his approach, support and care of both staff and patients.

Julia Warren – Chaplain | Hellesdon Hospital, Norwich

Julia has very many qualities, which include an ability to connect with anyone and is an enthusiastic, bubbly and inspirational character. She has a zest for life and her job and this shines through whenever you meet her. She is professional and fantastic at her job.

Congratulations to all our nominees – your dedication and commitment to quality care have been recognised by your colleagues across the Trust.