WINNER: Karon O’Flanagan

Staff Choice Awards:

Unsung Hero Award (Clinical)

These awards are for two individuals who are recognised as going above and beyond the requirements of their ‘day jobs’ in pursuit of high quality service user care and / or the delivery of an excellent level of support to their colleagues / teams.

These are the people known by their colleagues as committed and passionate, who go about their job in a professional manner, giving their support generously to those around them and who will often be the last people to broadcast their successes.

There are two awards in this category: one for a staff member in a clinical role, the other in a non-clinical role. Please mark your nomination form accordingly.

Key points: The judging panel looked for all or some of the key points
highlighted in the Trust value most closely linked to this award and the specific criteria
attached to this award below.

Value: The Trust value most relevant to this award is Respectfully:
These individuals value everyone’s unique experiences and always see things from their perspective. They are always welcoming, take time to care and are professional and effective in their approach.

  • Regularly goes the extra mile in providing high quality care to service users
  • Is friendly and welcoming and values everyone
  • Always provides high levels of support to their colleagues
  • Acts as the foundation of their team and are always the first person to volunteer their services
  • Have improved our service user and carer experience of our services by removing obstacles to the delivery of high quality care
  • Recognised as having a commitment to recognising people’s unique experiences

  • Winner: Karon O’Flanagan

    Karen Nobbs:

    Karon has worked at Norfolk Recovery Partnership since 1999 as a Substance Misuse Nurse. In all this time and with all the different changes in mental health services over the last 17 years, Karon has maintained a smile and great care for her service users an...

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  • Finalist: Dr Andrew Tarbuck

    Dr Tarbuck consistently works to the optimum in supporting services users, carers and colleagues.

    He is very affable and flexible and has, on recent occasions, undertaken ad hoc service user reviews in their own homes at the request of the service user or service user’s family, outsi...

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  • Finalist: Teresa Neil

    I feel Teresa works especially hard and has an excellent understanding of the issued faced by young people. She is extremely patient with hard to engage young people and works hard to develop relationships using a person centered approach.

    Teresa has worked in the trust as a support worker...

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  • Annabelle Gray

    Annabelle has an incredibly developed ability as a clinician to work with some of the most traumatised children, as well as supporting their carers, often at the same time. As her clinical lead and line manager I am aware that she brings a mix of clinical expertise and professional experience to ...

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  • Bev Smith

    Bev always takes extra time to put service users at ease. She prioritises the service users’ point of view and ensures that, where possible, there is always a way for their needs to be met. Where this is not possible she gives a clear explanation. Bev ensures that her work is of a high quality ...

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  • Colin Harvey

    I nominate Colin for this award because all the things he does that make such a big difference to staff feeling supported at work and confident in delivering a good service. Ever since he joined Wellbeing as a Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner he has shown dedication and passion for helping se...

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  • Dawn Holden

    Although Dawn only commenced work with NSFT approximately two years ago, she has shown a great understanding of mental health and how this can impact upon a person; she constantly strives to give the best care possible.

    Dawn will go out of her way to provide support to her colleagues, if h...

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  • Dr Claire Dibben

    Jo Little:

    Dr Claire Dibben is a hard working compassionate psychiatrist who is a team player and holds the team in high regard.

    Claire always strives to deliver high quality care through her consultations with service users and carers. She is proactive in her work...

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  • Dr Marinos Chatzopoulos

    Marinos is well liked by service users. He enjoys a universally high level of respect from each and every one. He always ensures that he makes time for people and will openly listen and acknowledge their personal views. He radiates positivity and is a genuine advocate for patient recovery.

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  • Dr Rebecca Poz

    Dr Rebecca Poz is an inspirational core part of the Bury South IDT complexity in later life pathway.

    She is extremely hard working and is committed to making sure patients within the pathway get the highest quality services.

    She sees patients both for formulation, therapy, and neuro...

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  • Howard Tidman

    Liz Howlett:

    Howard is an established and a respected senior practitioner from the acute service. This is a role he has carried out with a great deal of passion, knowledge and “original style” for the past few years and is very well thought of in the team. In a...

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  • James Sharman

    James works as a Support worker Band 3 on Yare Ward. When I first met him on the ward he immediately made me feel welcome. He was the ‘go to guy’ for everything, even just to know where to get a cup of tea. His calm and welcoming nature makes him so approachable to everyone not only staff but...

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  • Linda Pitcher

    When working with Linda I had the opportunity to observe her passion for patient centered care, often going above and beyond for not only her patients but also fellow staff members. When working alongside her I have seen the direct positive impact she had upon their mental wellbeing, often having...

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  • Linis Dolby

    Linis is a highly dedicated, hardworking member of staff. She is ceaseless in providing a range of support to children, young people, carers and the professionals working with carers. Linis delivers two drop in consultations every week in the East and West of Suffolk where professionals can come ...

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  • Rebekah Muttitt

    Rebekah has provided great leadership to the NDD team, she is an excellent role model to all NDD/CFYP staff. She has been involved with advocating for this specialism, contributing across Norfolk and Waveney pathway developments and clinical strategy. Rebekah has been pivotal in the recent expans...

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Annabelle Gray – Art Psychotherapist | Connect Team
Annabelle demonstrates a powerful form of empathy in practice. I feel personally humbled as Clinical Lead of the Connect Service, by her experience and skills and feel privileged to work alongside her.

Dr Sam Firth – Speciality Doctor | 80 St Stephens Youth Team
Dr Firth works hard and is incredibly knowledgeable about her patient group (adolescents) and the research that relates to this field. She is kind and compassionate and extremely committed to her work and to her patients as well as being a supportive colleague.

Dawn Holden – Staff Nurse | Woodlands, Ipswich
Dawn treats all with equal respect and dignity, seeing them as individuals with their own story and place in life.  She is a very caring individual, takes time to listen and share and is always willing to give everyone a smile.

Bev Smith – Staff Nurse | Wedgwood House, Bury St Edmunds
Bev’s unique selling point is her fundamental commitment to providing care of the highest possible standard at all times. When others begin to falter Bev pushes herself to deliver the absolute best she can.

Dr Larry Ayuba – Lead Clinician, Consultant Psychiatrist | Acute Services
Dr Ayuba demonstartes an excellent level of knowledge and clinical experience and shares this with his colleagues. A frequent comment of his is:  “If we can all focus and think about the patient in all we do, then all problems can be solved.”

Teresa Neil – Assistant Practitioner | Youth Service
Teresa is a passionate, dedicated and skilled individual. She is not only dedicated to her patients but always provides a supportive, honest and professional service to parents and carers.

Howard Tidman – Senior Practitioner | Acute Services
Howard can be relied upon for vision, honestly and belief. I have found Howard’s determination, flexibility,  insight and humour refreshing and supportive to the team, the service and the Trust.

Linis Dolby – Primary Mental Health Worker | Childrens Treatment Centre
Linis is a quiet and humble practitioner who has maintained a truly impressive level of dedication and committment to her work with Looked After and Adopted Children over many years. She is always tenacious in following up complex situations.

Joan Bufton – Consultant Psychiatrist  | Gateway House, Wymondham
Joan has qualities of modesty, tenacity, empathy and common sense which, combined with an approachable manner, make her one of our best psychiatrists. She is kind, supportive, practical and generous with her time.

Gary Dawson – Support Worker | Drayton Ward, Norvic Clinic, Norwich
This nomination has been made for Gary’s speedy intervention in a serious incident.

Sue Stonehouse-Knight – Clinical Support Worker  | Acle Ward, Norvic Clinic, Norwich
Sue demonstrated her compassion by providing support to a service user whose mother died while she was on home leave.  Sue went over and beyond looking after the patient and even helped to clean the family home.

Dr Rebecca Poz – Clinical Psychologist | Bury South Integrated delivery Team Complexity in Later Life Pathway
Rebecca is an active champion for those people who have dementia. She has a central aim to remove the stigma around the diagnosis and to improve the care and support that is available to people with dementia.

Dr Claire Dibben – Psychiatrist | G Block, Hospital Road, Bury St Edmunds
Claire is a calm, caring and kind person who always remains positive. Claire values everyone, acknowledges peoples skills and contributions and is always professional and respectful to others. She is simply the best.

Karon O’Flanagan – Substance Misuse Nurse | Norfolk Recovery Partnership
Karon is a genuinely kind and caring person.  She is respectful, conscientious, a good listener and approachable – you can’t help but like her.   If I was ever in a situation where I needed help and support, I would want Karon to be my keyworker.

Louise McCarthy – Research Nurse | Research & Development Team
Keeping safety and quality for service users and carers at the heart of her working life enables Louise to drive forward interventions abd overcome obstacles to achieve high quality research and clinical care.

Lisa Grey – Mental Health Practitioner Nurse | Access & Assessment Team
Lisa is compassionate, person-centered, calm, skilled, proactive and knowledgeable. Her  compassion, person centered values and principles are always there shining through. She is an inspiration.

Holly Wegg – Care Support Worker | Woodlands, Ipswich
In an environment that is constantly changing, Holly has shown great adaptability and a consistent, positive and pro-active approach to care.

Dr Marinos Chatzopoulos – LAS Speciality Traineee | Southgate Ward, West Suffolk Hospital
Marinos is well liked by service users.  He enjoys a universally high level of respect from each and everyone, radiates positivity and is a genuine advocate for patient recovery.

James Sharman – Support worker  | Yare Ward – LSU (Low Secure Unit)
Staff Nurses on the ward are often heard saying if you have James around you can guarantee that you will get things done.  He takes on anything delegated to him and works hard to ensure he supports the staff and patients.

Rebekah Muttitt – Neuro-developmental Nurse lead | Child, Family & Young People’s Services
Rebekah is an outstanding staff member, who does so much to promote the reputation of our Trust. She is hard working, enthusiastic and always helpful.

Colin Harvey – Senior Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner  | Wellbeing Service Great Yarmouth & Waveney
Most importantly, its Colin’s personal qualities that make him stand out as one of the heroes in our team. Colin treats people as equals, he listens and helps them play to their strengths.

Daniel Amaka-Maidoh – Speciality Doctor | Resource Centre, Northgate Hospital
Daniel works very hard and focuses on  giving patients the best care.

Dr Andrew Tarbuck – Consultant Psychiatrist  | St Andrews Lodge, Julian Hospital
Dr Tarbuck has been a huge oasis of calm and consistency and works to the optimum in supporting service users, carers and colleagues. He is an asset to the organisation.

Linda Pitcher – Health Care Assisstant | Sandringham Ward, Julian Hospital
Linda not only completes her roles and responsibilities as a care support worker to an excellent standard without any complaint but goes further than what is expected of her. As a student nurse on the ward, Linda has always been open to assisting me in my learning if I ever have any questions.