Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Team of the Year Award

Youth Team, Bury North IDT

Is a finalist for this award

The nomination said...

Fundamentally, I think as a team our communication is excellent. This allows for us to continue being flexible and supportive of one another. A huge part of this nomination is to highlight the fact we are managing without a waiting list, and without currently running assessment clinics. We have managed to continue working in much the same way, due to the great colleagues in our team, being flexible, going the extra mile at times, and helping each other out. Our ongoing communication means we know when someone is maybe reaching capacity and therefore we offer to take more on to help them; having lots of two-way conversations and listening to each other, responding appropriately.

As a team we do not have a high turnover of staff; when people come to this team they stay!

We have had feedback from other teams during meetings we have been asked to attend, which highlights that the way we are working is recognised as successful.

Feedback from our admin staff says we promptly respond to any phone calls, issues, crisis without complaints. Members of the admin team describe our team as ‘’a breathe of fresh air’’, because we deal with incoming issues immediately. In April 2018, the way we receive referrals changed, and we now do our own assessments coming in via the Emotional Wellbeing Hub.

We deliver a series of workshops based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) principles to under-18s and over-18s. We work in collaboration with other teams such as Bury South IDT Youth, Bury North IDT Adult and Enhanced Community Pathway. At the moment we lead these workshops, and are currently running our own Youth under-18s workshops but have opened them up to the child and family team based at Bury South IDT, Eating Disorder West Suffolk also. This is evidence that we work in partnership with other teams, sharing knowledge, and expertise to the benefit of service users across pathways.

These workshops deliver evidence-based interventions, with psychoeducation that are open to parents, carers and the young people. It is utilising staff time in an effective way as it provides interventions to multiple people at one time, every two weeks across different locations eg Thetford, Bury and Newmarket.

Referrals are allocated depending on staff skills. This has the best outcomes for the young person.

Within our team we also have ‘mini’ teams, such as a mini Early Intervention team and Back on Track. Staff members within these teams have additional training, eg CAARMS (Comprehensive Assessment of At-Risk Mental States), and supervision relevant to the service user’s needs.

A small group within the team got together and worked on developing a ‘mini team’ within the youth team called ‘Back on Track’. This Back on Track pathway has been developed for young people who would benefit from short-term, focused pieces of work to help them “get back on track’’. This ideally was for a period of three months, giving interventions in a ‘light touch’ way, allowing young people to have interventions and enabling them to move on without getting stuck in secondary services. Within Back on Track we provide work on: managing emotions, liaison with schools, family meetings, signposting to other services.

This mini team consists of a Band 6 Nurse, Band 4 Assistant Practitioner, and Assistant Psychologist, led by our Clinical Psychologist. This works because we connect different disciplines and experience, learning from one another. This helped us to work together as a team, in the best interests of the service users, developing how we work.

This project has been recognised as an excellent way of providing short- term interventions, which we are phenomenally proud of.

There are lots of additional points to add about us:

  • As a result of the team’s commitment to supporting each other’s wellbeing, we have very little sickness
  • We take time to ask one another how we are, and to thank each other for help and offering a listening ear, recognising other people’s efforts and achievements
  • We have a real sense of purpose with what we set out to do, in helping young people and families, during very difficult periods in their life
  • As a team we value reflective practice and team development slots every month. Ensuring we spend time looking after ourselves, as well as one another, understanding how important that is when working with such sensitive caseloads that can be emotionally demanding
  • We manage all of the above with seeing young people across a large geographical area, across three clinic bases: Thetford, Bury and Newmarket
  • We facilitate appointments outside of school hours to ensure young people don’t miss too much time from school
  • Supporting team members with continuous professional development, eg Family Therapy Foundation course, and Approved Mental Health Professional training
  • When discussing referrals in pathway we work with a needs typing board, and this means we are able to offer interventions based on their presentation and need
  • We make the most of multi-disciplinary team, and the skill mix, eg family therapy, CBT, social workers, nurses
  • Lastly, we LOVE working in this team!!