Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Team of the Year Award

Wellbeing (IAPT) Prison Team

Has been shortlisted for this award

Hellesdon Hospital, Norwich 

The nomination said...

Wellbeing (IAPT) Prison Team is a team of people united in their effort to support people battling with common mental health difficulties in turbulent environments of modern prisons. They have demonstrated their warm, inclusive and professional approach on many occasions, helping their clients regain hope in difficult circumstances.

Wellbeing Prison Team is a supportive group, where the pressures of the environments they work in can be discussed, help and emotional support sought and received.

The team members faced a challenging task of bringing IAPT practices to Norfolk prisons, to differentiate themselves from the healthcare and psychology services that were present in prisons at the time, emphasising the ethos of person-centred support in line with the CBT approach. The team has succeeded in developing service identity and building awareness among prisoners and prison staff, as well as completed many practical tasks to establish service in the infrastructure of the prisons.

The administrator, psychological wellbeing practitioners, psychotherapists, and the service manager – all are ready to offer their time and effort to help each other and their clients feel like help is there for them. The collaboration standards of this team are defined by mutual respect, sharing knowledge and skills, appreciating each other’s contributions and building on the strengths of every team member. Team members are always glad to answer questions and help people understand how they can be helpful to someone.

The team receive consistently positive feedback from service users, which often mentions clients feeling “listened to”, “understood”, and “supported”. The Wellbeing Prison Team continue meeting national IAPT recovery targets, which is especially valuable given how complex the presentations and circumstances of their clients can be.

The need to apply PWP and CBT training to specific client groups in custodial establishments requires abundant creativity, ability to work on own initiative, curiosity and ability to communicate with various agencies, as well as immense sense of fun and faith in humanity.