Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Team of the Year Award

Prevention and Management of Aggression (PMA) Team

Has been shortlisted for this award

Hellesdon Hospital, Norwich 

The nomination said...

The team ensures that they offer a comprehensive, up-to-date evidence-based training package to staff working throughout the Trust. By working with staff within NSFT, other Trusts and having input from governors and service users, they have developed a training programme and skill set to support care being provided. As well as working in a training environment, all instructors also spend time working in clinical settings alongside staff and service users to ensure their own practice is current and relevant, and to support in complex situations as well – transferring theory into practice. Advice and support has been given through a formal referral process for multiple staff teams, the team has been involved in an award-winning service review project led by Wedgwood House, and are currently looking at future research projects it could be involved in.

By placing patient and staff safety at the core of what it does, the PMA team endeavours to improve the service provided by the Trust for all people it engages with.

The team is leading on the rolling out of safety pods across the Trust. These will form a key part of the reducing restrictive interventions agenda, hopefully delivering a reduction in prone restraint and allowing for a safer alternative to the management of violence and aggression in the workplace.

The team regularly gets together to review practice and explore new methods of working. There is a culture of openness allowing for debate and discussion to ensure the best standard is achieved. New ideas are shared and taken on board while also allowing for individual style to remain.

Leadership within the team is visible and decisions are made with respect to those affected without impacting on team morale or dynamics.

The team has a strong resilience at its core, allowing it to sustain long periods of effort to ensure that goals are met. This year has seen the Trust reach its highest level of training compliance in PMA for at least the last four years, probably longer, and this in part has been down to the team’s ability to support staff through training, deliver courses which are enjoyable while informative, put on courses at short notice, and ensure courses continue to run in all weathers, even deep snow, and being flexible enough to cover sickness bugs and any other unexpected events.

Support has been given to wards at short notice, either to directly increase staff presence in the area or to help with problem solving an issue.

As a team that covers the whole Trust and is split into two parts, it successfully manages to operate as one, communicating openly and effectively and being consistent in the information it conveys.

The PMA has undergone significant changes to its practice since Trust awards were last held. They have embraced these changes positively and now are no longer just ‘trainers’ but also integrated into ward teams where they offer support and experience as well ensuring that they maintain their clinical competence so it can be passed on through training.

Further change is ahead with the implementation of a national accreditation for PMA training, but the work they have already put in means that the department is well prepared for this, and has a strong base to start from.