Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Team of the Year Award

Inpatient Wards and Discharge Team, Julian Hospital

Has been shortlisted for this award

Norwich, Norfolk 

The nomination said...

The Julian inpatient services offer acute admissions and complex care management for older people with functional presentations and dementia (Sandringham Ward, Reed Ward, Rose Ward and Beach Ward).

The teams have worked tirelessly to ensure excellent clinical care for service users which has seen many benefits. These include a significant reduction in pressure ulcers over the past two years (below national average), employment of dedicated housekeepers and re-introduced a site laundry facility. The services have also developed a model for daily structured activities and have seen the recruitment of a dedicated inpatient psychology service which has resulted in improved patient outcomes and rounded treatment plans utilising life story work.

The wards have embedded a culture of learning, ownership and change which has led to high performance. There is a clear openness and transparency in dealing with relatives and carers at difficult times.

Transformation of bed usage has seen a positive effect on the patients’ experience and journey by enabling care to take place locally. In addition, there are a number of other significant initiatives established by the teams. These include:

  • The establishment of joint in-house bespoke education and training sessions across all wards
  • Regular ward staff reflective practice sessions
  • Daily clinical meetings (Board meetings) to enable patient flow and ensure learning and information sharing
  • The wards are leading on the Red to Green project to enable patient flow and treatment planning
  • Dementia care mapping has been embedded and used as a proactive part of the assessment process
  • The wards were involved in (and continue to work on) an Observation and Engagement project and representing the Trust in regional working parties. Ward staff have owned and driven these initiatives aimed at aggression and falls prevention
  • The further development of activity programmes and meaningful engagement with patients
  • Establishment of a newly qualified nurses group
  • The wards have been a lead site for the introduction of the CLIP student mentorship model which continues to be run and has been described as a model of excellence with glowing feedback from students and UEA
  • Regular attendance at policy review meetings to influence policy process
  • Recent launch of a community cafe on the site

These initiatives and the team’s ability to adopt new ways of working are a credit to the Trust.

The dedication of the staff group and their commitment to older people’s care shines through in everything they do. They have embraced new initiatives to improve the patient experience.

There are very close working links with the research department who are assisting currently with the  Dementia Care Mapping project. This and the initiation of ‘floor walkers’ to monitor safety issues, including falls monitoring, were commented on by CQC as very positive initiatives.

Throughout the staff group there is a clear sense of willingness and a culture of learning and shared values. The leadership from the Clinical Team Leader, management and medical team has been pivotal in creating a model of support and co-working across all the wards. This leadership and role modelling has enabled all staff to work in a shared and creative manner.

The leadership team have encouraged opportunities for professional development with a clear focus on enabling and nurturing talent. This has also been done with a view to succession planning. The ward teams are a wide spectrum of staff which include regular NSFT staff, NHSP staff and support agencies. It is a credit to the Trust and an asset to the population we service that we have such a dedicated, professional staff group.

The inpatient units at the Julian Hospital embrace core principles to ensure that service users, families and carers get the best service at a difficult time in their lives. The inpatient units have a strong, shared ownership and vision for the care they provide. Regular in-house teaching and learning events help underpin this philosophy.

The ward teams are motivated and enthusiastic and should be proud of the positive culture they have developed in the inpatient service.