Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Team of the Year Award

Compass Looked After and Adopted Children Team

Has been shortlisted for this award

Children, Families and Young People’s Services 

The nomination said...

The team, led by Charlotte Granger, have worked tirelessly to develop a highly effective team providing quality mental health support to this vulnerable group and the carers who support them. The team provides responsive and quality service to service users. It is flexible in its response, enabling it to provide an appropriate and child-centred response. The team works well as a cohesive group, despite being geographically spread between King’s Lynn and Lowestoft. The team have become very supportive of each other and provide each other with an increasing level of professional challenge and support, all of which has added significantly to the development of the overall team. They are a great team that deserves recognition for the service they provide to these most vulnerable children, the totally child-centred approach that is the focus of this work and the hugely professional way in which they work.

One of the key drivers of the improvements in the Compass LAAC team’s performance has been the huge improvements they have made in developing the journey for the child through the service. This has included a complete review and the development of a new clinical pathway managing the process from referral to treatment in an effective way. This has included developing a new referral route, a new triage system, which provides a successful method of assessing the needs of the young person as swiftly as possible and then planning for an assessment and intervention response which is focused on the needs of the individual child, providing a response which is clinically led, informed and meaningful for the needs of the young person and / or their carers.

The principles that underpin their success are based around a total commitment to supporting the children in their care and their desire to provide absolutely the best outcomes for them. The have also shown total commitment to the Trust values of together, respectfully and positively.  The role they fill is enormously varied, which includes providing direct support to the young people, support to the carers and support to the system around the child, which can include social care, school and any other stakeholders involved. This requires a huge amount of empathy, flexibility, versatility and strength, and a willingness to go the extra mile to understand the needs of the child and provide the right support for them. The difference for these young people can be immense, improving their wellbeing and their mental health and addressing issues caused by their often hugely traumatic past.

This team are mutually supportive of each other and work in a planned, organised and effective manner. They deserve recognition for the huge effort they have put into getting to where they are today.