WINNER: Foxhall House

Staff Choice Awards:

Team of the Year Award

This award is for the team that has worked together effectively and efficiently to improve the service that they offer to service users, partners or internal customers. The definition of a team in this context is two or more members of Trust staff sharing the same goals, in either their day-to-day work or on a particular project or task.

Key points: The judging panel looked for all or some of the key points
highlighted in the Trust value most closely linked to this award and the specific criteria
attached to this award below.

Value: The Trust value most relevant to this award is Together:
This team share their knowledge and learn from each other. They listen, keep people updated and seek, welcome and provide feedback.

  • Developed our services for the benefit of service users and carers through successful team work and joint learning
  • Demonstrated mutual respect among team members, both as individuals and for the contribution each makes to the team’s performance, valuing and respecting their efforts and achievements
  • Have agreed effective and clear responsibilities and roles and a common set of core values and standards along with a sense of purpose
  • Have demonstrably improved the quality of care for service users by finding solutions and removing obstacles to high quality care
  • In working together have clearly embedded a culture where knowledge, information and learning can be shared

East Suffolk Acute Services Managers | Woodlands
They demonstrate a natural consideration for others, along with empathy and respect for service users, colleagues and partner agencies.

LD CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service) & Young Adults | Lothingland
We are dynamic, diverse, consistent and supportive of each other. We build relationships with all family members and work collaboratively with other professionals.

Recruitment Team | HR
Our main focus has always been to recruit high quality individuals and provide all our candidates with a warm and friendly welcome to the Trust.

Reception/Switchboard | Hellesdon Hospital
The team has a clear focus of what is expected of us and are committed to providing the best support we can to service users and our colleagues.

Child, Family & Young Persons Service | West Norfolk
As a team we strive to put the needs of service users and their families first and strive to take on board any suggestions that may have in further improving the service we provide.

E-Rostering Team | Hellesdon Hospital
The success of the team is based on building relationships with our units/wards, where we deliver our service and work together with them to produce rosters which ensure we have the right people, in the right place at the right time.

Thurne Ward | Hellesdon Hospital
I have felt very lucky to have joined a team where both service user and staff wellbeing is valued highly. Feedback is good, with service users commenting on the fact that they feel their opinions are truly valued.

Criminal Justice Liaison & Diversion Team
I am proud of the work they have done in establishing this new service and the work we are doing with a third sector partner is seen nationally by NHS England as ground-breaking.

Adult & Youth Autism Diagnostic Teams | Suffolk
We work together as a team, with other teams, other services and other agencies. As a result our work is done to a very high standard.

Youth Mental Health Team | Great Yarmouth & Waveney
I have never seen such understanding and compassion towards young people. The team give 100% in everything they do and this is shown by how much the young people achieve in the service.

Adult Pathway, Bury South IDT | Suffolk
I have never experienced a team with such caring, empathetic, dynamic, proactive, and supportive qualities. This team works extremely hard in delivering a service and take immense pride in the work they do.

DIST (Demential Intensive Support Team) | West Suffolk
They always come to work with a positive attitude and work creatively to achieve outcomes for their service users.

Central Norfolk Child & Adolescent Eating Disorders Service (CEN-CAEDS)
Our USP is that everyone loves the work they undertake and is passionate about recovery and working tirelessly for that goal.

Adult Learning Disability Community Team | Lowestoft, Suffolk
Over the past year, the team has successfully prevented possible inpatient admissions by working intensively and in a multi-disciplinary way.

Management Support Team | Norfolk West
They have provided positivity and resilence in all aspects of their work.  I cannot thank the team enough or be more proud of the work that they have achieved.

Sandringham Ward, Julian Hospital | Norwich
The ward team has improved the quality of care by ensuring better, effective communication at all levels.

Mental Health Act Administration Team | Hellesdon Hospital
In adopting this flexible attitude to working, every team member conveys their commitment to ensuring the highest level of service is provided while removing obstacles to high quality care.

Administration Team – Access & Assessment | Ipswich
The admin staff are the heart of the Access and Assessment team – without the heart everything else stops working, with it the team can function and florish.

NSFT Nurses | Unity
They clearly know their role within the service and remain flexible in relation to the needs of our service users.

Suffolk Rehabilitation & Recovery Service | PKA Chilton House
I am so positive about this team. It completely focuses on the individual and is specifically tailored to their unique needs.

Tier 4 Adolescent Inpatient Unit | Oulton, Lowestoft
The team deliver high quality inpatient care to young people and their families.

Central Norfolk Dementia Intensive Support Team (DIST)
DIST staff have remained professional and helpful, always ensuring that patient care and support to carers is at the centre of all that they do.

Community Memory Assessment Team | Ipswich
CMAS has introduced, implemented and initiated plans to meet targets which have been executed in a timely manner.

Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression (PMA) | Hellesdon Hospital
In the last six months, they have undergone a complete restructure and change in both philosophy and purpose.

Foxhall House Team, St Clements Hospital | Ipswich
Foxhall House is one of the best wards, where everybody is so helpful and welcoming that it feels like home, and work becomes more of a passion rather than a job.

Complexity in Later Life Pathway – Coastal IDT
Humility, dedication,  skill, experience and mutual co-operation are the main underpinning strengths of this wonderful team!

Central Acute Services, Rollesby Ward | Hellesdon Hospital
Rollesby Ward constantly strives to deliver patient-centered care and works collaboratively with other departments and agencies to provide the best possible service to patients and carers.

Wellbeing & Therapy (Central Norfolk Acute Services) | Kingfisher House, Hellesdon Hospital

We are unique in that we are a mix of physical health and mental health professionals coming together to work holistically with the patients. Just as we see ourselves as individuals, we regard the patients as individuals with specific needs and our job is to support them on their road to recovery.