WINNER: Recovery College

Staff Choice Awards

Team of the Year Award

This award is for the team that has worked together effectively and efficiently to improve the service that they offer to service users, partners or internal customers. The definition of a team in this context is two or more members of Trust staff sharing the same goals, in either their day-to-day work or on a particular project or task.

The judging panel are looking for all or some of the key points highlighted in the Trust value most closely linked to this award and the specific criteria attached to this award, outlined below:


The Trust value most relevant to this award is Together

This team share their knowledge and learn from each other. They listen, keep people updated and seek, welcome and provide feedback.


  • Developed our services for the benefit of service users and carers through successful team work and joint learning
  • Demonstrated mutual respect among team members, both as individuals and for the contribution each makes to the team’s performance, valuing and respecting their efforts and achievements
  • Have agreed effective and clear responsibilities and roles and a common set of core values and standards along with a sense of purpose
  • Have demonstrably improved the quality of care for service users by finding solutions and removing obstacles to high quality care
  • In working together have clearly embedded a culture where knowledge, information and learning can be shared

Abbeygate Ward | Wedgewood House, Bury St Edmunds

The team are colleagues in partnership within a supportive working environment who work with respect for each other. Every person’s contribution is taken into account and the team work in a holistic and recovery focused way that is open, honest and transparent.

Access and Assessment Team (AAT) | Mariner House, Ipswich

AAT has always had an amazing mix of clinicians from social care and mental health services that have a vast array of knowledge of skills. Each clinician works extremely hard each shift to work proactively in a person-centred way.

Adult Learning Disability Community Team | Lowestoft, Suffolk

The team are a strong and cohesive unit and work well together to achieve the best possible outcomes for service users. Team members always show support for each other professionally and communicate well with other teams and services.

Compass Business Support Team | Little Plumstead, Norwich

Their dedication to service users and carers is huge. They are consistently thinking about how they can prioritise their workload to ensure the needs of service users are met quickly and effectively. The team respond to clinicians promptly and appropriately.

The Compass Business Support Team constantly hold in mind the needs of the service users and do their upmost to support the clinical team to provide a high level of service, supporting best outcomes and promoting a high quality of ‘customer service’.

Compass Looked After and Adopted Children Team | Children, Families and Young People’s Services

The principles that underpin their success are based around a total commitment to supporting the children in their care and their desire to provide absolutely the best outcomes for them. The team also work in a planned, organised and effective manner.

Drayton Ward | Norvic Secure Services, Norwich

With strong and dedicated nurse leadership, a spirit of multidisciplinary collaboration and keeping service users at the heart of decision making, this ward has carefully built a reputation for being a recovery-focused therapeutic environment.

Early Intervention Team | Northgate Hospital, Great Yarmouth

Not only does this team show dedication but they have worked hard to stay on task. It has been-inspiring to see how they have worked together on improving service users care and developing creative ways of collaborative working with other teams.

Home Treatment Team | Wedgewood House, Bury St Edmunds

The team work to a strengths base model and recognise each other’s areas of expertise. The team work with a strong reflective ethos; within all decision making is an awareness of how we may impact on each patient’s journey and experience.

Inpatient Wards and Discharge Team | Julian Hospital, Norwich

The dedication of the staff group and their commitment to older people’s care shines through in everything they do. They have embraced the need for change and have adopted new ways of working and new initiatives, all designed to improve the patient experience.

Mental Health Liaison Service | West Suffolk Hospital

The team always ensure that the patients are given the time and care that they need. They display all that is good about the Trust values, demonstrating positivity, respect and togetherness each and every day with both each other and their service users.

Older People’s Service | Bury South IDT

The team is committed to providing the best quality service for its service users with a spirit of cooperative and supportive working. This is not a story of an exciting service development, but a story of how a dedicated team can continue to provide a consistent and compassionate service.

Older People’s Service, North Central | Julian Day Hospital, Norwich

This enthusiastic team shows great awareness around service user experience and provides a nurturing and safe environment. The team are a close knit, caring group of people who care for their colleagues as well as their service users.

Primary Learning Disability Liaison Nurse Team | Ipswich and Bury St Edmunds

The team work in collaboration with all the GP practices across the whole of Suffolk. Effective team work was essential to ensure the pilot was not only implemented, but the service was meaningful for the person with a learning disability.

Pharmacy Team

The dispensary moved this year to a new building. Pharmacy staff pulled up their sleeves and got on with all the planning and moving alongside their usual work, and worked together as a team to make this happen with minimal disruption to the service, only closing two half-days.

The Pharmacy team are completely committed to outstanding practice. They embed effortlessly into clinical teams, reach out to our service users and are constantly looking at ways to enable service user-centred care.

Police Triage Team | Ipswich, Suffolk

The team maintain a strong mantra around finding safe options for service users whilst holding them in the centre of their care. These are the strong principles in which they work, doing this consistently and positively. They are all excellent communicators and negotiators.

Poppy Ward | Woodlands Unit, Ipswich

Poppy Ward’s success is underpinned by a sharing of common goals and sense of purpose which is ultimately to improve the experiences of the service users they care for. Poppy Ward is proud of its culture of openness and togetherness, and its shared vision of improving care.

Prevention and Management of Aggression (PMA)

The team has a strong resilience at its core, allowing it to sustain long periods of effort to ensure that goals are met. This year has seen the Trust reach its highest level of training compliance in PMA for at least the last four years.

Recovery College

The Recovery College is unique in that it successfully models and is a shining example in the Trust of co-production being the foundation of all its work, as well as having a steadfast commitment to promoting and working to recovery principles.

Research & Library Services | Research and Development

The team embodies a continual improvement philosophy which means that it is constantly making suggestions to improve practice and the service, so as to provide the best service possible for service users, carers, staff and each other.

Talent for Care Team | Hellesdon Hospital, Norwich

I have the most amazing team who seem to grow and develop before my eyes! They are incredibly enthusiastic and always go the extra mile to try to improve systems which help our staff access apprenticeships and the right support along the way.

Under 14’s service | Children, Families and Young people’s Service, Central Norfolk

The team is unique in its hierarchy and everybody steps in to help each other regardless of their role – as a team we strive to be ‘together’. We have worked hard to obtain service user and carer feedback and have received lots of positive feedback regarding care and support.

Wellbeing (IAPT) Prison Team | Hellesdon Hospital, Norwich

Wellbeing Prison Team are a group of people united in their effort to support people battling with common mental health difficulties in modern prisons. They have demonstrated their warm, inclusive and professional approach, helping their clients regain hope in difficult circumstances.

Youth Autism Diagnostic Service | Stowmarket, Suffolk

The Youth Autism Diagnostic team understood the need for a post diagnostic service for families diagnosed through their team. They have worked together to deliver a group that has clear benefits for patients and others involved in the care of young people diagnosed with autism.

Youth Team | Youth IDT Central

I am over whelmed by the motivation, passion, values and delivery of patient care within the team. Not only do they care about their patients and carers but they care about one another – celebrating successes, always having a listening ear and checking in on each other’s wellbeing.

Youth Team | Youth IDT, Bury North

The team are managing without a waiting list and without currently running assessment clinics. We have managed to continue working in much the same way due to the colleagues in the team being flexible, helping each other out and going the extra mile.

Congratulations to all our nominees – your dedication and commitment to quality care have been recognised by your colleagues across the Trust.