Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Emerging Talent Award (Non-Clinical)

Matthew Day

Is the winner of this award

Job title
PMA Instructor 
The Hollies, St Clements Hospital 
Ipswich, Suffolk 

The nomination said...

Matthew is relatively early in his career but has already made a significant contribution to improving the care of service users and the safety of service users and members of staff.

Matthew is a consummate professional in his daily work as a PMA Instructor and in his interactions within and outside his team. He is committed to teaching staff members the skills that they need to keep themselves and service users as safe as possible.

He is also very committed to reducing restrictive interventions in the Trust and has participated in several research projects and presentations relating to this. He demonstrates this commitment in his daily work and also through his link work with various clinical areas in the Trust. He is always thinking and speaking about the need to make our approach to service users the least restrictive it can possibly be and he has an indepth knowledge of local and national strategies in relation to reducing restrictive interventions.

Matthew is a positive and supportive colleague and is highly professional and respectful in his manner. He regularly goes above and beyond in his work and delivers results beyond expectations and beyond his grading.

He is ambitious and continually makes great progress with his own professional learning and development and takes pride in his work and the work of his team.

Matthew makes a significant impact in the PMA department but also in clinical areas and via research and service evaluations throughout the Trust. He certainly demonstrates initiative and self-motivation in performing his role. He is always solution focused and is never negative in his attitude.

Matthew has a keen and energetic approach to his role and always tries to do the best he can. He also shows leadership skills beyond expectations and his pay grade. He is one of the most positive individuals that I have ever come across in my professional career of over 30 years. He is always focused on finding solutions and very adept and helping others to find solutions for themselves through a gentle coaching approach.

Matthew is a loyal and committed employee and is an ambassador for his team and the Trust.

Matthew is very intelligent and highly educated but yet he manages to remain grounded and humble. He is non-judgemental and approachable and is always willing to help others both within and outside his team.

He is organised, systematic and thorough in everything he does.

His teaching style is enthusiastic, engaging and very knowledgeable and he receives great feedback on his teaching and from clinical areas. He is always very keen to pass on his knowledge to others and is extremely good at explaining complicated concepts.

Matthew has been closely involved in several large research studies and service evaluations in the Trust which have, undoubtedly, contributed to better practices and better patient care.

I have learned a lot from Matthew as he has a broad range of knowledge about topics related to our work including mental health legal frameworks and their application in practice, reducing restrictive interventions, encouraging positive behaviour, innovations in mental health and risk management, to name but a few.

Matthew provides supervision to other members of his team and I have been able to observe him doing this in a very positive and supportive way, which is never critical or negative and which nurtures the individual to be the best they can.

I feel that Matthew can go far in his career with NSFT and can continue to make a very positive contribution to the future of the organisation.