Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Emerging Talent Award (Non-Clinical)

Jodie Millard

Is a finalist for this award

Job title
Management Support Administrator 
Julian Hospital 
Norwich, Norfolk 

The nomination said...

Jodie has only been in post with our team for a short period, primarily to support the Clinical Team Leader in achieving the most efficient level of administration. She works partially in our team and partially with the DIST team supporting their Clinical Team Leader so splits her days over two bases. She has been an absolute godsend to the team, freeing up our CTL in attending to vital aspects of his role, while also being proactive and innovative about implementing positive changes.

Jodie is never fazed by any task asked of her. She will happily liaise with other teams, produce simplified guidance for new information, and create new resources to make life easier for the whole team and try to make processes efficient and effective. For example: Jodie has recently documented the whole team’s clinical and management supervision concisely, allowing our manager to attend to other tasks. She has introduced charts to document the whereabouts of the team on specific training days, and has taken over the management of the Buddy System while she is in the building. This has proven hugely helpful to free up the time of the Clinical Duty Worker to attend to new referrals and clinical queries in a timely manner.

Jodie has arranged for a Flu Fighter nurse to attend the team to try to provide immunisation for those who missed the original days. She is working with team members to produce a new leaflet about our team objectives and service provisions and undertakes all her tasks in a seemingly effortless way while maintaining her good humour. She also repeats all of this work with another team in her joint role.

Jodie is such a positive person to have in the team. She is newly resident in Norfolk and despite juggling two teams, while purchasing a property, and managing all her family responsibilities she still continues to bring new ideas to the team to make our lives easier. I am certain that she has enabled our very busy manager to apply himself more fully to his managerial tasks while being able to delegate some of the administrative aspects of his role.

She is a modest person, and does not seem to recognise the positive impact she has had on the wellbeing of clinicians and, of course our team leader, in being able to attend to our clinical duties without “sweating the small stuff”. Knowing there are safe hands and wise eyes keeping abreast of our responsibilities makes working life easier for us all.

I should also add that Jodie although by no means “loud” in character, is always ready with a kind word when she sees you in the corridor. She will remember you have been unwell, or ask if you had a lovely holiday, and will also tell you little amusing anecdotes about family life, that will make you chuckle when you are having a stressful day. I think she could potentially work at a very senior administrative level due to her unflappable nature and resourcefulness. In the meantime, I am very happy she is our administrator.