WINNER: Matthew Day

Staff Choice Awards

Emerging Talent Award (Non-Clinical)

This is one of two awards for individuals who are at the beginning of their careers in the NHS who have shown a clear commitment to developing a career in our Trust / mental health. They will already have demonstrated significant achievement, which is having a positive effect for service users and their colleagues.

These two individuals will have demonstrated exceptional levels of initiative, skill and commitment in their roles and have made a positive impact within their teams. They will already be demonstrating, at this early stage, a commitment to work to the best of their abilities. They show an appetite and passion for learning and could be an inspiring role model in the years ahead. These individuals are an asset to the organisation and ‘stars in the making’.

There are two awards in this category: one for a staff member in a clinical role, the other in a non-clinical role.

The judging panel are looking for all or some of the key points highlighted in the Trust value most closely linked to this award and the specific criteria attached to this award, outlined below:


The Trust value most relevant to this award is Positively

These two individuals take pride in their work, are always proactive and seek solutions to barriers. They take responsibility, support people to set and achieve goals and recognise others for their achievements.


  • Goes above and beyond and delivers results beyond expectations
  • Has made great progress with their own professional learning and development and takes pride in their work
  • Makes a significant impact in their own service/department or in working with others
  • Demonstrates initiative and/or self-motivation in performing their role, always looking for solutions
  • Has an energetic approach to their role, wanting to be the best that they can be

  • Winner: Matthew Day

    Matthew is relatively early in his career but has already made a significant contribution to improving the care of service users and the safety of service users and members of staff.

    Matthew is a consummate professional in his daily work as a PMA Instructor and in his interactions within a...

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  • Finalist: Jodie Millard

    Jodie has only been in post with our team for a short period, primarily to support the Clinical Team Leader in achieving the most efficient level of administration. She works partially in our team and partially with the DIST team supporting their Clinical Team Leader so splits her days over two b...

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  • Finalist: Neil Toplis

    Neil joined the Compass Service in September 2017 as Team Manager for the Compass LAAC and Compass Outreach teams, after a successful career as a Head Teacher. This change in career direction has required him to adapt his existing skills and learn a complete set of new ones, and his positive atti...

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  • Tallulah Smith

    Tallulah joined the team in October 2015 as a Research Apprentice through the Trust Apprenticeship scheme. In October 2016, she successfully applied for the role of Research Administrator in the department. Tallulah is responsible for undertaking all the general administrative tasks in the depart...

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  • Wayne Ward

    Wayne is currently working in the Adult Community Team in Bury South IDT. Wayne is a ‘larger than life’ character; he is an open, friendly and highly motivated, compassionate individual. Wayne’s background career was serving in the armed forces, he completed tours of duty in man...

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Matthew Day – PMA Instructor | The Hollies, St Clements Hospital, Ipswich

Matthew is a positive individual who is focused on finding solutions. He is also adept at helping others to find solutions through a gentle coaching approach. He is intelligent and highly educated but manages to remain grounded and humble.

Jodie Millard – Management Support Administrator | Julian Hospital, Norwich

Jodie is a positive and modest person who does not seem to recognise the positive impact she has had on the wellbeing of clinicians and, of course, our team leader, in being able to attend to our clinical duties without “sweating the small stuff”.

Tallulah Smith – Research Administrator | Research and Development Department

Tallulah very much embodies togetherness and positivity in her work, through her enthusiasm to support all members of the team. She excels when she pushes her boundaries and she tries new things every day – I have never heard her say that she didn’t want to try something new.

Neil Toplis – Team Manager | Compass Service

Neil’s teams see clearly his care and commitment for the people he works with and the young people who benefit from the services the teams provides. His outstanding qualities are the value he places on honesty, hard work and achieving goals through working and learning together.

Wayne Ward – Support Worker | Bury South IDT Adult

Wayne is a ‘larger than life’ character who is an open, friendly, highly motivated and compassionate individual. He has made a significant impact in the team, demonstrated initiative and has made great progress within his current role.

Congratulations to all our nominees – your dedication and commitment to quality care have been recognised by your colleagues across the Trust.