Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Partnership Working Award

Men’s Wellbeing Project

Is a finalist for this award

Wellbeing Services 

The nomination said...

We know that suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45. The Men’s Wellbeing Project has brought together other providers of services aimed at men’s mental health to promote a better understanding of issues facing men in different ways. As a Trust, we recognise we cannot reduce suicide rates in men alone and need to work alongside others to learn about services, discuss ideas and share expertise. The project embraces co-working with service users and carers who have been brave enough to deliver their intensely powerful and personal stories to motivate us to make a real difference.

  • ‘All to Play For’ – football sessions have been established in Norwich and Great Yarmouth with the aim of offering men an alternative way of engaging in mental health services. So far, about 60 men with mental health issues have engaged
  • They have worked in partnership with other providers (including Men’s-craft, Men’s-shed, Walnut Tree 24/7 veterans response team) to create a MensNet website. The aim of this is to give men in distress a link to organisations that could be of support
  • Over the past two years, the Men’s Wellbeing Project has hosted three Men’s Mental Health Days in Suffolk and Norfolk with the aim of increasing knowledge of support available when men need extra help. Over 800 people attended these events and feedback was received which was extremely positive
  • 250 mental health staff, as well as staff from support services in UEA and Jobcentres have received training to increase knowledge of male psychologies and engagement in healthcare

The group is extremely passionate and goes the extra mile to deliver innovating ways to give men better access to mental health services. No idea is considered unrealistic. Each idea is respected and received with a can-do attitude.