Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Partnership Working Award

Emotional Wellbeing Hub

Is a finalist for this award

Landmark House, Ipswich 

The nomination said...

The Suffolk Emotional Wellbeing Hub (EWH) was launched in April 2018.

The EWH team, in conjunction with Early Years and, more vitally, Suffolk Parent Carer Network, is working hard to reach all areas in Suffolk through multidisciplinary working with the stakeholder groups. Collaboratively, they have worked hard to develop a service for young people that opens a service in an easy way and signposts young people to getting the best help in a timely manner.

The team features a number of best practice elements within its design, including:

  • Simplifying and clarifying access and eligibility criteria for emotional wellbeing and mental health services
  • A multi-agency team oriented towards matching service response to identified need
  • Open to self-referral
  • Extended hours, offering morning and early evening access to support
  • A single point of contact and “front door” for Early Help, Wellbeing Suffolk, Integrated Delivery Teams and other community service providers
  • Developing individualised pathways for children, young people and families
  • Peer support roles integrated with the workforce

At the heart of the Hub practitioners’ role are the following core values:

  • A service that treats people with kindness (compassionate) and helps to improve their emotional wellbeing (effective)
  • A service that aims to respond to referrals quickly (accessible) and listens to people’s views and preferences (compassionate)
  • A service that is easy to reach (accessible) and offers evidence-based help (effective)

When visiting the team, I have seen and heard the core values given over the phone when engaging with young people. I am truly inspired by the caring nature of the clinical staff and passion for the service when meeting and working with them.

The team engages the stakeholder groups in every aspect of service development. Any changes and evaluation are shared with the stakeholders and the views are respected and acted upon.

Emotional Wellbeing Hub staff encourage engagement with NSFT secondary care staff to develop and improve the clinical skills to support the role of practitioner with young people.

The team always:

  • Gives appropriate responses to young people
  • Respects individuality
  • Is non-judgemental
  • Has good signposting skills
  • Understands that one size does not fit all
  • Is able to recognise signs of emotional or mental health problems

This team is new of its kind and stands out in Suffolk as being the first transformational project.

Because the service is new and there are many groups to engage with, the team always takes time to ensure the service is considered to the stakeholder groups. Sometimes, the meetings I have been in are robust and challenging but it is recognised for being for the right reasons of getting a new transformational service for young people in Suffolk.

We have evidenced the commitment to the project across the stakeholder group at all levels but, in particular, the Hub practitioners and service user groups. There are challenges that remain but the Emotional Wellbeing Hub ensures there is a place for young people and professionals to go to which did not exist previously.

The staff daily support a variety of issues on the phone and for other members of staff in Suffolk County Council, secondary care and Wellbeing. They have had a lot to learn about the provision in Suffolk for young people and to ensure young people get the right care.

Suffolk County Council, the Children’s and Young People Action and Transformation (CAT) group and Suffolk Parent Carer Network (SPCN) have been at the heart of this design and delivery. Its success is due to the persistent challenge to ensure the services provided are what young people need. All groups have promoted the launch and awareness of the service.

The Hub is a phone-based and web-based service, offering a central point of contact and information for anyone who is concerned about the mental health or emotional wellbeing of a child or young person under the age of 25 in east or west Suffolk.

The lead provider organisations are Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust and Suffolk County Council. The service was co-designed and co-produced by a range of stakeholders, including representatives of parents and carers, children and young people, schools, voluntary and community services.

The demand into the service has been very positive and the SPCN are also supporting, taking a lead through review and feedback. The Clinical Commissioning Group has also been supportive in the development and wider engagement of the scheme.

This new multidisciplinary team is the first of its kind in NSFT and the supporting network of systems, business change, informatics and human resources are contributing to this transformational work, ensuring the principles of co-production are adhered to.

The learning of combining professionals from a variety of organisations and systems will support the planning of future transformational work.

It is early stages for this team and they have met challenges and been the “victim” of success. However, it is important to recognise this team is new, and there are new challenges in the new way of working but to keep delivering a caring service for Suffolk’s young people. I am immensely proud to play a small role in that team.