WINNER: Compass Schools

Staff Choice Awards

Partnership Working Award

Partnership working has the potential to improve quality, resulting in truly joined up, patient-centred care. This award will recognise the individual or team that has demonstrated a commitment to partnership working and has delivered real improvements to the health and wellbeing of our service users.

The judging panel are looking for all or some of the key points highlighted in the Trust value most closely linked to this award and the specific criteria attached to this award, outlined below:


The Trust value most relevant to this award is Together

This individual or team share their knowledge and learn from each other. They listen, keep people updated and seek, welcome and provide feedback.


  • Has helped to develop the Trust’s reputation as a lead organisation in the local health economy through partnership working
  • Has worked to develop the partnership between health, social care and the third sector, enhancing the quality of care of our service users in their use of our services
  • Has improved the quality of care for our service users and offered the best service user and carer experience
  • Has transformed services through co-production, involving service users and carers in the further development of our services
  • Fosters a culture of knowledge and learning across organisations

  • Winner: Compass Schools

    The Compass Schools offer an excellent example of a truly collaborative and successful partnership between health, education, and social care, which ultimately enhances the quality of care that we deliver to our service users.

    The partnership model exists from the point of referral, with N...

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  • Finalist: Emotional Wellbeing Hub

    The Suffolk Emotional Wellbeing Hub (EWH) was launched in April 2018.

    The EWH team, in conjunction with Early Years and, more vitally, Suffolk Parent Carer Network, is working hard to reach all areas in Suffolk through multidisciplinary working with the stakeholder groups. Collaboratively,...

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  • Finalist: Men’s Wellbeing Project

    We know that suicide is the biggest killer of men under the age of 45. The Men’s Wellbeing Project has brought together other providers of services aimed at men’s mental health to promote a better understanding of issues facing men in different ways. As a Trust, we recognise we cannot...

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  • Research Development Team

    The Research Development Team was established in 2015 with the aims of: developing grant applications; establishing national links and networks in research; increasing research impact and dissemination.

    To our knowledge, this is the first NHS mental health clinician-led research team dedic...

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  • Under-25s Team

    Services for under-25s in Suffolk were active participants in system-wide transformation throughout 2017/18. They have done so in the context of significant staffing pressures and rising demand.

    Two significant changes were necessary in order to ensure the continued delivery of good-qualit...

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Adult Autism Diagnostic Service | Haymills House, Stowmarket

The Adult Autism Diagnostic team work tirelessly to raise awareness of the needs of people with autism. They are relentless in their energy to share their knowledge and experience of autism, the struggles people face and the successes people achieve.

Conrad Barnard – Cognitive Analytic Therapist | Wellbeing Suffolk

Conrad is one of a number of professionals who have that desire to help and improve the standards of people’s lives. He shows dedication, empathy and a strength that translates exceedingly well with patients and all those people with whom he works on a daily basis.

Compass Schools | Little Plumstead, Norwich

Compass Schools offer a unique provision through the development of a shared partnership between NHS staff, The Engage Trust, Norfolk County Council and CCGs. For parents and carers, this means that our service has an understanding of every aspect of their child’s needs.

Emotional Wellbeing Hub | Landmark House, Ipswich

This new multi-disciplinary team is the first of its kind in NSFT and the supporting network of systems, business change, Informatics and human resources are contributing to this transformational work, ensuring the principles of co-production are adhered to.

Men’s Mental Health Project | Wellbeing services

The project group are extremely passionate and go the extra mile to deliver innovating ways to give men better access to mental health services. No idea is considered unrealistic. Each idea is respected and received with a ‘can do’ attitude.

Research Development Team

One of the key strategies used by the team is the ability to instil a strong, clear vision and aim among all partners for each project, which is borne from the importance of only undertaking research which improves the experience and outcomes of mental health service users and carers.

Under 25 Teams | Suffolk East and Bury IDT

Services for U25 in Suffolk have been active participants in system-wide transformation to support the change necessary to continue delivery of good quality mental health care in Suffolk for children & young people’s services.

Wellbeing Suffolk and IDT

Over the last year, secondary care and Wellbeing services have been using an interface meeting to forge better working relationships to improve the patient journey, in accessing services and finding the best service for the patients’ needs.

Congratulations to all our nominees – your dedication and commitment to quality care have been recognised by your colleagues across the Trust.