Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Inspirational Leader Award

Sarah Sherred

Has been shortlisted for this award

Job title
Clinical Team Leader 
Community Memory Assessment Service 
East Suffolk 

The nomination said...

We are nominating our Clinical Team Leader Sarah, who is also an active non-medical prescriber within the Community Memory Assessment Service.

Sarah leads from the front in delivering compassionate, detailed and empathetic diagnoses of dementia to service users, and brings the considerable weight of her clinical expertise and experience supporting her team in delivering this service. She has also implemented post-diagnostic support for people diagnosed with dementia, with ongoing service development including support worker follow-ups, Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and carer groups.

She has built this service up over the past year to provide pre- and post-diagnostic support to people diagnosed with dementia in East Suffolk and has managed to bring this new service in line with almost all of the MSNAP criteria in the year since it commenced. She has been key in developing and putting into practice an innovative primary care multidisciplinary service model of memory assessment in which the CCG and other services are now taking a keen interest. The Dementia Transformation Lead has requested to use CMAS as an example of a good memory assessment service.

Sarah is working hard to develop relations with other services in order to facilitate a smooth journey of care for people being diagnosed with dementia. She has also proactively promoted CMAS as a placement area for students who now frequently come from other placement areas to observe and learn from the service that we offer.

Sarah has designed and implemented an innovative model of a successful memory assessment team. She did this while not only carrying a full caseload as the only NMP in East Suffolk for memory assessment, but also as a Clinical Team Leader. This was a formidable project which she has calmly delivered in her usual clear-sighted manner; approaching the inevitable challenges involved with setting up a new service with a calm and containing approach. Through Sarah’s energetic leadership, she has successfully cleared a backlog. This achievement cannot be overstated.

As a result of Sarah’s leadership, her team have huge enthusiasm for working in memory assessment services and continue to strive for excellence in the service we provide. There is a genuine sense of pride expressed by staff members in regards to what CMAS has achieved in a relatively short space of time, and our plans for the service going forward. Sarah has created a culture of positivity with a shared goal of providing the highest standard of care.

Sarah is also very supportive of her staff and advocates for additional training and career progression. She has identified staff interests and areas of speciality, and created areas within the service to draw upon these; there is now a Cognitive Stimulation Therapy group and a carers’ group led by team members with special interests in these areas, other staff have been supported to pursue a non-medical prescribing qualification.

She has an enviable clarity of thought and vision; she has the ability to see to the heart of the matter and develop a response that puts the patient at the centre of the care. This can be seen from the way she redefined community memory assessment in East Suffolk and nurtured a cohesive team dedicated to the service. Sarah is compassionate and realistic, and makes time for any issues that come up with our client group, their carers and also with staff. Sarah is always approachable and takes the time to support her staff with thinking things through and reaching a confident decision, using her clinical expertise as a foundation from which to guide others.

Sarah invests in her team, and encourages us all to play a part in ongoing service development. She actively encourages her team to engage with learning in order to maintain gold standard memory assessment and arranges regular teaching sessions, both internal and external, to ensure that the team consolidates previous knowledge and are made aware of the latest advances in research. Sarah has a passion, enthusiasm and drive for ensuring that the team can provide the most informed and highest standard care possible by providing and supporting us with ongoing development and teaching.

She is a passionate advocate for patient care, for staff wellbeing, and for this service as a whole.

Sarah is a forward thinking manager with great vision which helps with her innovative approach. She has excellent judgement, and manages the tricky task of being both a clear sighted leader, while also being personable and flexible. She has a great sense of humour, and perhaps one of her most important attributes is her excellent ability to bake cakes! Sarah has a very human way of making every person on her team feel valued.