Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Inspirational Leader Award

Linda Stevens

Has been shortlisted for this award

Job title
Operational Manager 
The Dragonfly Unit, Carlton Court 
Lowestoft, Waveney 

The nomination said...

Until recently, Linda was the Clinical Team Leader for The Dragonfly Unit where she began her role five years ago before progressing to Operational Manager.

Linda has been a large influencing factor in driving the team to develop the high quality of care which they provide. She has supported the team from working in a small bungalow with 7 beds, to now being at a bigger hospital site with a wider range of facilities, 12 beds and being able to support young people with more complex mental health needs. Most notably, The Dragonfly Unit was awarded a rating of ‘Outstanding’ from the CQC last year and the team believe that Linda was a driving force in achieving this status.

Her passion and commitment to the role is evident and this enthusiasm is infectious to those around her. Linda always has a smile on her face and gives sound advice, encouraging people to think creatively to find their own solutions. Linda looks ten steps ahead to the future and is always striving to develop others, enabling staff to discover their potential and individual interests.

Linda looks for opportunities for the team and allows staff to visit other units, attend conferences and undertake further training. She goes above and beyond her role to support the team and will not hesitate to stay late. Linda encourages the team to reflect regularly and sees every opportunity as a chance to grow and learn.

In 2016 the team moved from a 7 bedded bungalow to a 12 bedded unit. Linda worked extremely hard to ensure that this transition was seamless and had an active role in planning this. The team were encouraged to be involved too, thinking about how we develop the care that we offer, the challenges we may face and the unit design. Furthermore, Linda encouraged staff to involve the young people and their families in these decisions. She offered endless support to the team, arranging visits to the unit, thought about areas of further training required and supported the team to become involved in the planning of the move.

Once the move was complete, Linda continued to offer endless support and we believe that her ongoing enthusiasm and positivity throughout enabled the team to feel confident and safe about the challenges that lay ahead with this transition.

Linda is extremely hard working, motivated and makes time for each member of staff in her team. She is willing to listen and offer advice and recognises everyone’s individual contributions to the team. Linda is passionate about supporting staff to develop further to provide a higher standard of care to the young people and their families. She encourages staff to think creatively and find their own solutions to problems.

Linda instils confidence in the team and offers endless support in a range of methods. When the ward is unsettled Linda will sit on the ward to enable staff to have their breaks, make cups of tea and load the dishwasher or bring in some biscuits As a result of her empathic nature, this encourages the rest of the team to treat each other with kindness and be supportive towards each other when things become difficult. She role models to staff the importance of checking in with each other when the unit is busy or personal lives become more difficult, therefore creating trust and an open dialogue within the team.