Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Inspirational Leader Award

Gary Page

Is a finalist for this award

Job title
Ward Manager 
The Norvic Secure Services 
Norwich, Norfolk 

The nomination said...

I have worked with Gary throughout my career so far as a student nurse and now as a developing band 6. Throughout these years I have seen Gary work in a staff nurse role and a Ward Manager role.

Gary always demonstrates best practice to his team to ensure that the patients are at the heart of all our decisions, looking at all angles of the patients’ care and how we as a team can achieve the very best for our client group, whether that be in rehab environment or on an admission ward.

Gary has shown that he can adapt to most situations and deal with a crisis situation that may be of high risk and will always manage to put the patient first, staying calm and being a role model for staff, but also the patients. Gary will always practice in an honest and truthful way with the patients, ensuring they have the most realistic goals set and the best possible support to achieve those goals.

No matter where Gary works, it is clear to see that he gains a mutual respect with his client group and his staff. His ability to gain trust and to understand patient and staff worries can be translated into providing that vital positive support and goal setting for the patient and his team.

Gary has always demonstrated to his team that if there is an opportunity to learn, develop and grow as a professional or as a person, he is there to support his team, as a group or individuals who he feels are our future for this Trust. Pushing people to their limits and encouraging benefits for all within his team, including the client group we care for.

He has been involved with a number of changes within the Trust and its wide range of adjustments to staff, environments and client group. I have been on the same team as Gary when he has been there supporting, challenging and enhancing big Trust changes.

Gary has managed to open a ward successfully and managed all areas within this, staying calm and considering all opinions of his team to support his client group with their transitions. He ensures that his team are achieving standards set nationally and Trust-wide, keeping everybody up to date with changes.

Gary proactively looks for solutions, not problems, and how we can all take our own individual responsibilities in which we can create positive and collaborative team working. He has always given his all in anything he does to achieve the highest and best outcomes possible, recognizing his team and the efforts they have made together and individually. Praising publicly and thanking everybody individually when recognition is deserved.

Gary is a genuine guy, honest and positive, and his role as a positive and inspirational leader is on the next level. Always looking out for his team and the individuals in it. He is always there to support and help others achieve their own goals, personally and in their careers. Supporting people to go up the ladder to better things. Gary will go above and beyond to make people realize their own worth and importance within our Trust.

It is clear that with Gary, what you see if what you get: proactive, motivating and a pleasure to work alongside. Gary will always try to motivate and be a positive role model for his team, identifying the positive ideas as well as the highlighting the ‘what if?’. Listening to all opinions and views to ensure the team will come together for decision making. Gary demonstrates facts of knowledge and shares them with his team, always thinking outside the box and trying to develop things as a ward, Trust and for his staff, individually.

I would have no doubt in my mind that Gary will always be there if I needed him for work advice or if I have a crisis. I can count on Gary 100% to push me to my limits and support me when I need it. Gary has done so much for the service and our Trust and wants the best for the people in it, looking at ways to better our service, support networks and environment. He is a pleasure to be working alongside and I couldn’t ask for a better leader to mentor me.