WINNER: Dr Sarah Maxwell

Staff Choice Awards:

Inspirational Leader Award

An individual who by their energy, enthusiasm and motivation inspires others to follow their example of leadership. Someone who others have aspired to be like and who always acts as an excellent role model; setting high standards, championing these and providing mentoring for others to do the same.

This individual demonstrates a strong example of personal values and goals, which others readily relate to and adopt.

Key points: The judging panel looked for all or some of the key points
highlighted in the Trust value most closely linked to this award and the specific criteria
attached to this award below.

Value: The Trust value most relevant to this award is Positively:
This individual takes pride in their work, are always proactive and seek solutions to barriers. They take responsibility, support people to set and achieve goals and recognise others for their achievements.

  • Shows an ability to develop effective relationships, generate energy and enthusiasm among their colleagues / team and recognises their achievements
  • Do their very best to demonstrably enable their colleagues at all levels with the ultimate aim of improving the quality of care for our service users
  • Encourages the adherence to our values and high standards of care
  • Adopted a leadership role which clearly puts the service user first and creates a culture that supports people to set and achieve goals and be the best they can
  • Enables our Trust to maintain its reputation for playing a leading role within the local health economy

  • Winner: Dr Sarah Maxwell

    Dr Maxwell has been instrumental in leading the innovative development in child, family and young people’s services both within the community and inpatient settings.

    She has been proactive in driving teams to develop service user centered care, holding the young person in mind, while als...

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  • Finalist: Denise Grimes

    Denise has led on developing a vision that has been adopted by all the partner agencies that make up the Norfolk Recovery Partnership (NRP). More recently that vision has been integrated into the NSFT values and behaviours and, in this way, Denise has ensured the work of everyone within her servi...

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  • Finalist: Karen Clements

    Karen has provided strong and courageous leadership to secure services throughout a challenging time for the service as a whole. In particular, Karen has led this year on the development of a strategy to improve the clinical quality of the service while also addressing the financial deficit. In o...

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  • Andy Mack

    Andy has played the key leadership role in developing the model for the new Wellbeing service in Norfolk and Waveney. Working closely with partners both in and outside NSFT, Andy has brought to life a vision for Wellbeing and through his energy and enthusiasm he has ensured that vision has been s...

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  • Dr Kapil Bakshi

    Dr Bakshi provides excellent clinical leadership to the team: he always has a patient centred approach; he has comprehensive knowledge of the technical aspects of the job; he is attuned to the feelings, needs, concerns and ideas of team members; he is approachable and supportive, and encourages i...

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  • Jane Breame

    Jane is inclusive to all members of the DCLL team and encourages staff to achieve their goals both individually and collectively. She is skilled at resolving conflict and engages colleagues in constructive dialogue.

    She leads by example, balancing her leadership role with clinical work, wh...

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  • Sarah Sherred

    In June 2015 Sarah Sherred was seconded to be the Team Leader of CMAS.

    Back in May 2015 waiting times for diagnostic clinics were long and referrals were rising. Diagnostic clinics appointments and post diagnostic clinics also needed to be looked at.

    Within days, Sarah started to or...

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Anna Howard – PMA Team Leader | PMA (Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression)
Anna’s positive approach to this role is an inspiration. She has supported, nurtured, and empowered each of us through regular and effective line management supervision and team meetings.

Ann Quilton – IDT Team Leader | Bury North IDT (Integrated Delivery Team)
Anne ensures that all members of the team feel valued and is always available to listen to any concerns regarding a service user or carer to help ensure that their needs are met.

Pia Cooper – Charge Nurse | Whitlingham Ward, Hellesdon Hospital
Pia was nominated for her leadership skills and the huge support she provides to the team.

Helen Gray – Dementia Intensive Support Team Leader | Dementia Intensive Support Team
Helen is a very good role model to all levels of staff and an inspiration to many.  Job satisfaction within the entire team is the most consistently high I have experienced.

Dr Sarah Maxwell – Consultant Psychiatrist | Children, Family and Young People’s Service, Great Yarmouth & Waveney
To be an inspirational leader is a recognition that must be earned, and Sarah has done this in a genuine and authentic manner. Her commitment to her profession and support for other medical colleagues is outstanding.

Dawn Collins – Deputy Director of Nursing | Marriott Centre, Hellesdon Hospital
Dawn always give 110% and enables people to learn from her leadership style. We aspire to work in the way she does and achieve what she achieves. She leads us with inspiration and enthusiasm.

Dr Kapil Bakshi – Consultant Psychiatrist | Gateway House, Wymondham
Dr Bakshi always gives 100% and leads by example. Dr Bakshi provides excellent clinical leadership to the team and has a patient-centred approach. He is attuned to the feelings and is approachable and supportive.  He has the skills to get the best out of team members.

Jane Breame – Clinical Team Leader | South DCLL (Dementia and Complexities in Later Life)
Jane encourages staff to achieve their goals both individually and collectively. She leads by example , balancing her leadership role with clinical work.  Through her support and genuine belief in her staff she made me feel rejuvinated and has renewed my love of nursing and being part of a team.

Kim Boggan – Support Workforce Training Co-ordinator​ | Talent for Care Team
Kim is passionate about the development of our workforce and is tirelessly conscientious with a strong work ethic. She motivates her own staff to strive in their professional development and mentors and supports them in their chosen pathway. She is a joy to work with and inspires people by her own approach.

Sarah Sherred – CMAS Team Leader | Community Memory Assessment Service
Sarah has clear direction and leads by example and under her direction  waiting lists and diagnostic waiting has been greatly reduced.  She is an inspiring leader and gives people the self confidence to achieve good outcomes. Sarah has the ability to make things happen.

Nicky Shaw – Deputy Service Manager | Children, Families and Young People’s Service Great Yarmouth and Waveney
Nicky is energetic, enthusiastic and always available to discuss issues and agree solutions. She is hands on, cares about our service users and their families and is always available to support staff in providing the best care possible.

Veno Sunghuttee – Locality Operations Manager | Hellesdon Hospital
Veno has a calm, quiet but effective approach to management that is inclusive but firm and fair.

Denise Grimes – Service Operations Manager | Norfolk Recovery Partnership
Denise sets high standards across all areas of her service and is always looking at new and different ways to support staff.  The overwhelming sense of Denise from those that work in the service is of a leader who cares passionately about the quality of that service and who actively values her staff.

Andy Mack – Wellbeing Norfolk & Waveney Service Manager | Wellbeing Service, Norfolk and Waveney
Andy’s approach has always been clear in terms of having to meet the very highest quality standards while encouraging flexibility and creativity and valuing the different input from all parts of the service.

Karen Clements – Locality Services Manager | Secure Services
One of Karen’s key strengths is her ability to bring people together even when the task in hand is complex. She is a ‘glass half full’ person but her leadership is inspirational in that she constantly offers solutions and hope through her positive attitude. Karen’s open , honest and committed attitude make her an absolute pleasure to work alongside.