Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Innovation Award

Jonathan Dickson

Has been shortlisted for this award

Job title
Senior Mental Health Practitioner 
Mariner House 
Ipswich, Suffolk 

The nomination said...

In the past 18 months Jonathan has completed and is in the process of completing Master Modules which include holistic assessment, principles of advanced healthcare practice, non-medical prescribing, pathophysiology and research methods.

Jonathan has supported the Suffolk Access and Assessment Team (AAT) and his fellow colleagues in training to enable a better understanding of people with first episode psychosis. In addition to this, he has taken it upon himself to work closely with the autism diagnosis service with screening assessments. Jonathan has also supported with upskilling clinical staff in other services, such as Turning Point.

He has now taken on the clinical role with the new Rough Sleeping Project and has been instrumental in producing guidelines and polices in additional training for both internal and external staff in understanding the mental health needs of rough sleepers while supporting and respecting the needs of service users.

Jonathan is very positive in his approach to all that he does and, no matter what he is challenged with, he will always strive to be positive and proactive in seeking solutions to situations, ensuring the service user is placed first.

Jonathan took the initial lead within AAT with the Early Intervention in Psychosis Service. Initially, he took it up on himself to ensure he had the appropriate skills, which meant additional training. Following this, he worked with the Integrated Delivery Teams (IDTs) and AAT, ensuring all staff had a better understanding of the early intervention service.

He is now working for the Rough Sleeping Project under the AAT. This is a new project and has required new ways of working and a new business model, all of which Jonathan has been actively involved with.

He has been very proactive in establishing effective working with this group, and supporting clinical staff from NSFT, local authorities, housing services, the Chapman Centre, Anglia Care Trust, the probation service, Turning Point, health outreach and hostels.

Jonathan continues to promote PPIP and is completing a research study to identify ongoing needs for support of the Rough Sleeping Project in Suffolk.

He has supported others in ensuring a high quality and safe level of care are delivered to those in need.During the period I have had the pleasure of knowing Jonathan, I have found him to be exceptional in his work ethic.

He is very motivated to find solutions to ensure a high quality of care is delivered to all, ensuring safe, effective, person-centred care.