Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Emerging Talent Award (Clinical)

Peter Cropley

Is a finalist for this award

Job title
Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner 
Wellbeing Norfolk and Waveney (South) 

The nomination said...

Pete started his career within Wellbeing as a peer support worker, and has gone on to become a trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner for the South Wellbeing team.

Pete has consistently provided high quality and sensitive care to all service users that he has had contact with, and we have received positive feedback about his help and support. His proactive and positive approach has been key in providing both clinical and lived experience support to service users who access both group and 1-1 support within Wellbeing.

He is clear, concise and empathic and this has resulted in him reaching all targets set for him. Pete is confident when faced with challenges or barriers and deals with these in a calm, solution focused way.

Pete is a key member of the team, and he uses his experience and clinical knowledge to help and support not only service users, but his colleagues too.

He has also run marathons for MIND and has encouraged the use of exercise with all his clients as a way to improve their mental health. Pete is a strong advocate for the five ways to wellbeing, and is a champion for all partner agencies to ensure holistic support for everyone he sees.

Pete has been a valuable member of the team that delivers Webinars here in the South team, and he uses his technical knowledge to support his co-facilitators and ensures that all webinars are available on IAPTUS for any other clinicians to book service users on to. He has been a huge proponent of service user involvement and this is evident in his person centred support. Pete has also been actively involved in the monitoring and developing of webinar and group content, and this has been key in ensuring that we are delivering an up-to-date and inclusive service to all. He is passionate and focused on recovery, and his past and lived experience and approach to this ensure that the content is meaningful and relevant to service users.

Pete is also a very confident and experienced clinician who delivers all groups and webinars with knowledge and clarity, and feedback received from service users has been very positive.

Pete is a very approachable, kind and empathic member of the team. He has a unique skill that can not only formulate and create beneficial treatment packages, but he also has the ability to pick up on really small but significant changes in service users’ visual presentation, tone of voice, non-verbal communication and general demeanour. This means he can gather further information from them that can result in extra support, crisis intervention, or a change in their treatment package.

Pete is passionate about what he does, and this is evident in his work. He is dedicated to providing excellent levels of care, and his attention to detail ensures that he is responsive to all actions and onward referral communications that provide full and comprehensive support to all service users.

He makes excellent use of his clinical supervision and this has also helped provide appropriate and supportive care as well as developing his clinical skills and knowledge.

He is funny, personable and a joy to have in the team. Pete has had to overcome many personal issues and barriers since he has been doing his training. He suffered an accident early last year that left him with a fracture to his arm which resulted in him having to defer from the cohort of trainees he was originally on and then start again later in the year. He also had to undergo surgery to rectify the damage and throughout all of this he has remained smiley, positive and supportive to all his colleagues.

He is proactive in service development and will attend all out of hours or extra training that is beneficial to him and then feed this back to the wider team.

Pete is a shining example of professionalism, confidence, capability and resilience. He is a wonderful talent to have in the service and I feel he should be celebrated.