Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Emerging Talent Award (Clinical)

Megan Taylor

Has been shortlisted for this award

Job title
Health Care Assistant 
Abbeygate Ward, Wedgewood House 
Bury St Edmunds 

The nomination said...

Megan has been with our team for just about year a now. She welcomed all of the training and experiences she could get and was quickly able to reach 100% in her compliance and mandatory and statutory training.

Megan has displayed the same enthusiasm in her day-to-day work on the ward. She successfully observes more experienced staff in their work and then learns from this. She has shown excellent reflective skills coupled with an obvious desire to be as good as she can be at her job.

Megan has spent the last year or so quietly building her confidence and is now beginning to really display the benefits of this. As a team member she very quickly found a space for herself and has been proving herself to be a fine team member and from the management team perspective, a real catch! Megan has been well received by the rest of the team who have been long established and are used to very high standards. To fit into this kind of team so quickly and smoothly speaks volumes about Megan’s approach. Her ability to learn quickly, accurately and on the job, has made her a clear nominee for this award.

Megan has been supportive of projects taking place around the workplace and shown some further interest in projects occurring outside of our team. She has taken charge of her own development and has been very successful as evidenced by her enormous increase in skills and confidence. This has been matched by her positive approach towards all other aspects of her role. There is no task that Megan declines to do and, over the course of the year, when she has required help or support she has made this clear and gratefully received it. This is a fine quality for a new starter to have.

Understanding her limits and seeking help appropriately is an expectation at every level and it is refreshing to see someone so new to our organisation with the confidence to act in this way. It is also very notable that Megan needs to be shown only once for each task. It seems very clear to me that Megan will take her current attitude forward and make a fantastic impact on future projects. I hope I am able to see her make a huge success of what promises to be a great career.

The qualities that Megan possesses that underpin her success are very clear. The first of these is that she pays attention. When Megan is in a learning situation she is taking in everything around her, and remembering it. Alongside this, Megan has an incredibly positive outlook on her work life. She is keen to learn and good at it. She is keen to understand how small actions can make big differences to patients and their families. The more Megan understands this, the more eager she is to bring about these small changes and she is very understanding of the value of patient contact. In terms of this, Megan has also shown herself to be excellent in her interactions with patients and their families.

Megan’s desire to understand has led her to ask the right questions at the right times and to give herself the right environment to absorb the answers. She then has a natural ability to apply these skills, and their principles to any appropriate situation. As her learning and confidence continues to develop, Megan will continue to go from strength to strength which will allow her to become a major talent at work. Our team have high hopes for what Megan may be able to achieve going forward and she will be worth any and all support to achieve the greatness which she deserves. As things stand, Megan has every reason to go on developing and take her career to any level she wishes.

For someone in Megan’s position as a new starter with our Trust, Megan has shown levels of commitment and enthusiasm that are difficult to match. She has maintained her drive to better her skills and has reaped the rewards of this, and this is only just beginning. If Megan can continue to push herself in the way she has, and she has made it seem effortless, then she really will be able to take on any challenge. She should be immensely proud of her work up to now – the rest of her team already are.

Megan embodies the perfect package of someone young, willing and able to learn, able to apply principles and to match these to understanding, and to do all this with a smile on her face while making all the time in the world for patients in her care. She has easily won the respect of our whole team, practically overnight and deservedly so. As someone at the start of her career Megan has a lot to look forward to. Her team will be encouraging and supporting this.