Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Emerging Talent Award (Clinical)

Marie Cameron

Has been shortlisted for this award

Job title
Staff Nurse 
Home Treatment Team, Woodlands 
Ipswich, Suffolk 

The nomination said...

Marie joined the HTT earlier this year. From the start she has been enthusiastic, keen to develop her skills, respectful of colleagues’ experiences and, above all, has formed therapeutic relationships with service users that have positively impacted on their lives.

The team has received thank you cards from service users and their families and a number of these have related specifically to their experience of good quality care, provided or planned for by Marie.

Marie has been with the team for less than six months but has made a difference to the morale of the team, being keen to gain experience and support other staff on more complex visits and completing care plans that are person centred and focus on the strengths of the service user. She inspires me to improve my practice through the questions she asks, increasing my knowledge base and motivating me to consider different approaches to care planning.

She is a part of the Triangle of Care meetings and attends these regularly, feeding back new information to the team. She advocates for carers and supporters of people with mental health problems, and promotes contact and support for carers routinely.

Marie looks for innovative solutions and once given a task, she will feed back relevant information to the team regarding how to implement it.

She consistently demonstrates an integrated approach when working with service users, keen to provide a service that is professional but person centred. She excels at planning care that is based on a coherent understanding of the person’s difficulties and their preferred solutions. Marie then communicates this plan to the rest of the team, ensuring that different care providers are aware of and involved in the plan.

Marie values the skills and experiences of other team members, frequently seeking advice to support the interventions being provided and then evaluates their efficacy.

She takes her responsibilities as a keyworker seriously and sets a high standard in relation to documentation of risk and planning. She has been known to change her shifts in order to attend joint visits or handovers of service users she has been working with to make sure that all information is available to other professionals.