Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Emerging Talent Award (Clinical)

Lucy Bellotti

Is a finalist for this award

Job title
Mental Health Nurse 
Child and Family Team, Mary Chapman House 
Central Norfolk 

The nomination said...

Lucy is an excellent clinician with a clear desire to provide the best possible service to those in her care. Since she qualified as a nurse and joined the Child and Family Team she has shown an excellent ability to engage young people and their families.

In addition to this, she has sought out supervision and used this to provide high quality interventions to those young people she is working with. An example of this was working with a young person with social anxiety which was impacting on their ability to eat. They had been identified as requiring therapy and Lucy was asked to see them to manage the risk while they waited for therapy to be available. Not only was Lucy able to work with the young person and their family to manage the risk, she was also able to provide a CBT informed intervention, which had a significant impact on their symptoms. She used supervision to ensure this was done in a safe manner and sought support from the wider therapy team to review the young person’s progress. Thus she ensured that they received an effective intervention within a timely manner while also freeing up therapy resource for other service users.

Lucy has co-ordinated complex cases beyond what would usually be expected of a newly qualified nurse. She manages risky and unexpected situations in a calm and professional manner such as when a young person disclosed that they had taken an overdose the previous day and not sought medical advice. Lucy was able to support this young person through this crisis ensuring their safety and wellbeing were at the centre of her approach. Lucy has also successfully negotiated between service lines and does this in a professional manner, maintaining positive working relationships with those around her.

Lucy has been involved with a number of quality improvement initiatives in CAMHS. She is proactive and takes ideas forward. An example of this would be in developing a parent information leaflet on managing risk to give them confidence that they can manage situations and provide the support and containment to their children.

She has also created a directory of support services. Her willingness to share resources with her team is a good example of Lucy’s desire to support her team despite being more recently qualified. She will always put in the extra effort to ensure that she, her service users and her team get the best possible value out of her efforts. Lucy has a positive and service user focused approach in everything that she does. She actively seeks out feedback and reflects on both her successes and things she feels have not gone as well as she hoped. She is always thoughtful when putting new skills into action, ensuring that she does this in a safe manner for the service user but also maximising her opportunities to learn from the work she is doing.

She has impressive interpersonal skills which are demonstrated in her interactions with staff, outside organisations and children & families alike. Lucy is proactive and supportive and has naturally adopted a mentoring position with new staff.

Lucy has genuine empathy for the children and families she works with and is truly passionate about developing CAMHS to an outstanding level. She is a liked and respected colleague and an excellent ambassador for NSFT.