Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Emerging Talent Award (Clinical)

Jana Ducarova

Is the winner of this award

Job title
Staff Nurse 
Norvic Secure Services 

The nomination said...

Jana Ducarova is a confident, capable and diligent colleague and an emerging talent in secure services.

She works on an acute medium secure unit, working with individuals who are at their most distressed. It is not uncommon for our citizens to be very resistant to treatment, have multiple disorders and difficult personality structures.

Despite this Jana always makes the care of her service users her first concern. She promotes the RECOVERY strategy, uses digital solutions to keep the MDT in the loop for complex cases, and is a wonderful ambassador for electronic medication administration which she navigates deftly and skilfully.

She is a valued and dependable colleague who never leaves a shift without an excellent handover and having made a positive and tangible difference to our service users. Whether it is making sure therapeutic leave takes place, ensuring a service user gets to the Service User Forum, comforting carers, or ensuring physical health needs are identified and addressed, Jana always goes the extra mile on every shift.

The service users Jana works with have often been rejected by family, friends and other services due to their challenging behaviour. Jana always ensures that she maintains and demonstrates a therapeutic and respectful attitude at all times to service users that promotes independence and recovery.

I think Jana is an emerging clinical talent because:

  1. She personifies many traits of an emerging clinical leader: compassion, recovery-focused, collaborative, digitally-enabled, conscientious, and person-centred.
  2. She consistently goes above and beyond on each shift to address all aspects of service user care including physical health, emotional wellbeing, developing insight, promoting other professions (such as OT and psychological work) and looking creatively at how to move service users along their recovery journey.
  3. Jana never asks “Why?” she asks “Why not?”. Even when things are challenging because of limited resources she works tirelessly to ensure service users always feel safe, cared for, and have access to as many activities and therapies as possible even is this means using her leadership and diplomatic skills to re-align resources to do this.

When times are tough Jana roles her sleeves up, digs in and says, “It is good for our service users – so we just have to find a way!” with a cheerful grin. She doesn’t let anything stand between her and providing excellent clinical care for our service users.

Jana is an outstanding colleague and emerging talent because she personifies professionalism and compassion in one of the hardest clinical environments in mental health. She never shies away from a challenge and helps citizens and colleagues look to a more optimistic future.

She maintains excellent relationships with colleagues. When she is on shift she brings with her energy, positivity and diligence. She shows leadership to her clinical support worker colleagues, guiding them in working with complex service users in a proactive way and demonstrating the values we adhere to. She identifies issues and either deals with them or brings them to the attention of the relevant team member in plenty of time to ensure a good outcome for our service users.

Jana is also an emerging clinical talent as she already works in a holistic way with citizens promoting our Recovery College, our local occupational therapy resources and ensuring that service users are informed about their treatments and care pathways. She provides excellent and helpful clinical information to maintain good continuity of care and is always ready for a new challenge. She is a credit to her profession and an excellent clinical role model.

She has come a long way as a nurse already and she is still at the beginning of her career as a nurse in forensic mental health. She creates a very positive atmosphere and maintains this even in the face of multiple challenges. She never forgets that service users are part of a wider social network and goes out of her way to involve carers (with service user consent) and helps keep the team focused on helping our citizens move on into the community.