Staff Choice Awards 2018/19
Emerging Talent Award (Clinical)

Fran Niall

Has been shortlisted for this award

Job title
Health Care Assistant 
Abbeygate Ward, Wedgewood House 
Bury St Edmunds 

The nomination said...

Fran has been a true marvel since she started working with our team almost two years ago. By her own admission she had a lot to learn, but her potential has been clear from the start.

She has consistently and successfully engaged in her work with fervour and has shown that she has a tremendous respect for every patient she meets and has displayed a high level of empathy, which is a key part of nursing.

Fran has successfully taken the new skills she has learned and put them to use day-in and day-out, making the lives of all of those she cares about better. This extends to carers that regularly feedback to the ward that she has been particularly helpful to them.

Fran also supports staff in many ways. There is no job that she will not happily carry out and somehow manages to turn every experience into a positive one through her approach, her empathy, her desire to keep getting better and, above all, her commitment to improving the lives of the patients we work with.

Within her role she has not been asked to lead on specific projects. This is a positive thing as it has allowed Fran to fully commit to her existing role and learn as much as she can, which has been considerable. It has also given Fran the freedom to consider how she would like to develop and the best way in which she can do this. By not rushing, Fran has made a strong foundation of knowledge and experience from which to build a very promising future.

With the full support of our team, Fran has successfully gained a place on the Assistant Practitioner Course and will be fully supported during her studies. Fran has made it clear that she has her sights (and standards) set high and if you meet her you cannot help but have faith that she will achieve them and then some. While Fran may not have had a nominated lead in any particular project she has had a really positive impact on our team with her fresh approach and her overwhelming desire to bring about the most positive outcomes for patients and their families. Fran’s ethos has rubbed off on some and completely re-invigorated others altogether. We have good reason to expect great things from Fran. She is truly inspirational, and she’s only just begun. We can’t wait to see what happens after the Assistant Practitioner Course!

When Fran engages with patients and their families she is genuine. The care she gives, the interest she shows, and often the pain she shares with them is all real. This cannot be underestimated in our line of work.

Fran very clearly wants to understand as much as she can. She asks questions that often go unasked, and she follows up answers given with insight and application. What really sets her apart is that when she acquires new knowledge or skills, she immediately finds ways to use them, and in the most positive way she can. However, the quest for knowledge is something she never allows to get in the way of the job itself. Her priority is always the patient, their comfort, and their experience. This is truly what sets Fran apart and gives hope to our team for the future of nursing. Importantly, Fran also picks up quickly when something is not going well for a patient and ensures that this is managed, dealt with and improved as quickly as possible. If every nurse of the future has the qualities Fran has then we know the patients of tomorrow will be in excellent hands. When Fran is able to initiate new projects on her own she will be phenomenal.

We think Fran should receive this award as she endlessly gives her very best to the patients in her care. Her impact on them has been nothing short of spectacular. She really makes our team a happier place to be. It may seem obvious to say but the way she conducts herself provides inspiration for our whole team. Qualified staff who work with her find their own approach renewed, and for the better. Other disciplines are likewise affected and the quality of Fran’s work is never in question.

Her documentation is equal to her approach in every other area and she is almost the living embodiment of all the best realisations of the Trust values. Fran is deserving of this award as our team feels that in the future she will have fantastic success and this will be shared with every patient, and every part of our Trust. In her way of working, Fran may never be able to enjoy individual success because every success she has will be to the benefit of her patients and her team. As stated earlier, we just can’t wait to see what will happen.