Staff Choice Awards:

WINNER: Haley Gosling

Emerging Talent Award (Clinical)

This award is looking for two individuals who are at the beginning of their careers in the NHS who have shown a clear commitment to developing a career in our Trust / mental health. They will already have demonstrated significant achievement, which is having a positive effect for service users and their colleagues.

These two individuals will have demonstrated exceptional levels of initiative, skill and commitment in their roles and have made a positive impact within their teams. They will already be demonstrating, at this early stage, a commitment to work to the best of their abilities. They show an appetite and passion for learning and could be an Inspiring Role Model in the years ahead. These individuals are an asset to the organisation and ‘stars in the making’.

There are two awards in this category: one for a staff member in a clinical role, the other in a
non-clinical role. Please mark your nomination form accordingly.

Key points: The judging panel looked for all or some of the key points
highlighted in the Trust value most closely linked to this award and the specific criteria
attached to this award below.

Value: The Trust value most relevant to this award is Positively:
These two individuals take pride in their work, are always proactive and seek solutions to barriers. They take responsibility, support people to set and achieve goals and recognise others for their achievements.

  • Goes above and beyond and delivers results beyond expectations
  • Has made great progress with their own professional learning and development and takes pride in their work
  • Makes a significant impact in their own service/department or in working with others
  • Demonstrates initiative and/or self-motivation in performing their role, always looking for solutions
  • Has an energetic approach to their role, wanting to be the best that they can be

  • Winner: Haley Gosling

    Haley, our Peer Support Worker (PSW), has developed an innovative and relatively new role within the Trust and made it her own. This is particularly evident due to Haley being the only PSW in Norfolk to work on a ward, which creates a fresh set of challenges, specifically in applying the role in ...

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  • Finalist: Gemma Gray

    Gemma began working at the Tier 4 adolescent inpatient unit as a newly qualified nurse when the unit first opened. Over the last two-and-a-half years Gemma worked hard to qualify as a systemic practitioner; she has developed and run the therapeutic programme for some very complex  young people. ...

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  • Finalist: Rebekah Steadman

    Rebekah joined the trust less than six months ago and throughout this period of time she has excelled in her competence to work with vulnerable people with complex mental health issues.

    Rebekah began her employment without insight into the challenges she would have to face and has grown fr...

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  • Alice Thompson

    Alice is employed as an assistant psychologist whose job it is to collect data to evidence the effectiveness of our service. This involves both direct 
face-to- face assessments with service users and collecting data from clinicians. In the current climate this is a challenging role as it invol...

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  • Claire Rischmiller

    Claire joined our team from the UEA Nurse Training Programme and has supported the re-establishment of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy and Carers’ Support Groups as a key part of the treatment the team offers patients diagnosed with dementia. Claire immersed herself in learning about dementia...

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  • Emma Milk

    Emma came to our team approximately a year ago and since then has been a whirlwind of productivity! Her knowledge and previous experience of child services has been invaluable and she never stops caring. She goes above and beyond what is expected of her and her patients are given a first class se...

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  • Rebecca Bilham

    Rebecca was successful at interview for the post of Health Care Apprentice, one of the first Health Care Apprentices in our Trust. She has been in post since August of last year. Coming into a large and very busy team must have been exceptionally frightening for an 18 year old just out of sixth f...

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Emma Milk – Social Worker | ECP IDT (Enhanced Community Pathway – Integrated Delivery Team)
Emma came to our team a year ago and since then has been a whirlwind of productivity! She has given full commitment to the team and her patients and nothing is too much trouble. She is amazing.

Claire Rischmiller – Community Mental Health Nurse | North Central DCLL (Dementia and Complexity in Later Life)
Claire joined our team from the UEA Nurse training programme. Her peformance since joining our team has never been less than excellent. Claire never seeks the approval of seniors, and is genuinely motivated by her beliefs, values and compassion.

Rebecca Bilham – Health Care Apprentice | Dementia Intensive Support Team, Central
One of the first Health Care Apprentices in our Trust, Rebecca has seized this opportunity with both hands and gone from strength to strength. She has exceeded our expectations and the pride she has in her work and in being part of the team is visible in every contribution she makes.

Alice Thompson – Assistant Psychologist  | 80 St Stephen’s, Norwich
Alice has achieved amazing results with some of the clinician completed data reaching a 90% return rate. She achieves this by really working to understand the challenges.

Gemma Gray – Mental Health Nurse | Silverwood CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service)
Gemma works with humour and compassion, is reflective about her practice and thinks carefully about what she brings to her job and what she takes away from it. She has completed her systemic practice training to a very high level while also working above and beyond in her work place.

Rebekah Steadman – Apprentice Support Worker | Great Yarmouth & Waveney Youth Team
Rebekah takes pride in her work and ensures she delivers what is needed at the right time for the individuals she is working with. She supports people to achieve their goals and to be the best that they can and brings a fresh, unique style to our team.

Hayley Gosling – Peer Support Worker | Thurne Ward, Hellesdon Hospital
Hayley has been a huge proponent of service user involvement as an example of positive and person-centred care delivery. She has a proactive and positive approach which has helped many to feel valued on their recovery journey.