WINNER: Nesta Reeve

Staff Choice Awards:

Clinical Achievement Award

This award recognises clinicians – a team or individual – who has performed ‘over and above’ the standard expected for their role and have demonstrated consistently high quality clinical care, while achieving the highest standards of safety. They have involved people in their own care and worked together with service users and carers to achieve the best outcomes.

Key points: The judging panel looked for all or some of the key points
highlighted in the Trust value most closely linked to this award and the specific criteria
attached to this award below.

Value: The Trust value most relevant to this award is Respectfully:
This team or individual values everyone’s unique experiences and always see things from their perspective. They are always welcoming, take time to care and are professional and effective in their approach.

  • Continuously improved the quality and safety of care for our service users by removing obstacles, focusing on the purpose and being aware of their impact
  • Renowned for putting quality care and safety at the heart of service delivery
  • Developed and promoted our approach to clinical effectiveness
  • Their achievements in developing care has improved outcomes and offered the best experience for our service users and carers
  • Demonstrably works towards building the Trust as a clinically-led organisation
  • Has embedded a culture of compassion where everyone is valued and time is taken to care

  • Winner: Nesta Reeve

    Nesta, more than anyone else in our Trust, is the reason why our Wellbeing service is considered by commissioners and others as a genuinely innovative and exciting model. She is at the forefront of contemporary thinking when it comes to how mental health services should be delivered now and into ...

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  • Finalist: Clinical Supervision Team

    This multi-disciplinary team has worked together, supporting each other, to set up and deliver group-based clinical supervision for all clinical staff within the integrated delivery team. A team of trained supervisors deliver the monthly clinical supervision, based on a CBT model incorporating th...

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  • Finalist: Howard Muzire

    Howard is an excellent Charge Nurse from the perspective of multi-disciplinary team (MDT) working and patient care. He provides sound and effective leadership on Thorpe Ward as forensic services can be challenging places for service users and staff. Howard contributes to clinical discussions arou...

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  • Northgate Ward

    In our CQC mock visit, Northgate ward scored a green for being responsive and for caring services. On this visit, the initiative of floor walking was noted and upheld as good practice. The initiative was launched after service user feedback at our weekly community meeting identified that when sta...

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  • Norfolk Recovery Partnership (NRP) Family Team

    This team of nurses and support workers across Norfolk are an outstanding example of how teams should perform between themselves as well as with others.

    They are warm and welcoming to all, are extremely knowledgeable and clinical experts around safeguarding issues and working with parents ...

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NRP Family Team | Norfolk Recovery Partnership
They are warm and welcoming and all the team members go that extra mile for service users and their colleagues. Each clinical team lead positively reports their helpfulness and support to others.

Northgate Ward | West Suffolk Hospital
This initiative is underpinned by the recovery model, being responsive to service user needs and breaking down unwanted barriers between staff and service users and carers.

Mr Howard Muzire – Charge Nurse, Thorpe Ward  | Norvic Clinic, Norwich
Howard engages service users in an understanding and caring manner, treating service users with respect and dignity. His dedication instills a sense of hope in people who may have otherwise accepted the prospect that their situation would never improve.

Clinical Supervision Team | Coastal Integrated Delivery Team
Group-based clinical supervision promotes reflection and learning and enables staff to think about service users and their needs in a reflective and open way.

Nesta Reeve – Consultant Clinical Psychologist | Wellbeing Service, Norfolk & Waveney
I don’t think I know anyone more passionate about delivering the right sort of service than Nesta. When you add to that the passion and immense clinical knowledge and experience that Nesta has you get a very powerful result.