Public Choice Awards 2018/19
Outstanding Care and Compassion Award: CFYP

Rachel Thompson

Is a finalist for this award

Job title
Clinical Psychologist 
Dragonfly Unit 

The nomination said...

I cannot begin to put into words how much Rachel helped me during my first inpatient admission to the Dragonfly Unit for treatment for anorexia and depression. She allowed me to take my own time to get to know her (four months to be exact) and didn’t push me into trusting her. When I finally opened up to her she went out of her way to support me while in the unit and gave me advice and guidance for when I’d be on leave. She helped me realise that what had happened to me wasn’t my fault and went the extra mile by offering me two therapy sessions a week and making sure I was safe on the ward both before and after sessions.

Rachel was the only psychologist on the unit at the time. She always made really good time for everyone and went above and beyond, both inside and out of therapy. Once I had a really bad episode and she just came and sat with me – she didn’t need to do anything, but the fact that she was there just grounded the situation. She is amazing.

I’ve seen lot of therapists but Rachel is different. She was really honest with me from the beginning and didn’t try and sugar coat anything or pry information out of me – she told it how it was and said things I almost would never expect a therapist to say. But she was always so gentle about it and reminded you she wanted to help. With me she had to wait a bit and not push too hard, and I felt that she really understood that.

Rachel would always make an effort which other people wouldn’t, such as coming and playing games with us. No other therapists have ever done that! But she really did go the extra mile to be around us and get to know us. I know I’m not the only patient who feels that.

When I reached discharge, Rachel was able to continue the work she was doing with me in the community for a few weeks to help with the transition and support me as much as she could. I owe so much to her and wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now if it wasn’t for her. She helped me massively and I’m in a different place now thanks to Rachel.

Nominated by: A service user