Public Choice Awards 2018/19
Outstanding Care and Compassion Award: CFYP

Lucy Bellotti

Is the winner of this award

Job title
Mental Health Nurse 
Children, Families and Young People’s Service 
Central Norfolk 

The nomination said...

Lucy has gone above and beyond for my 12-year-old daughter, and has had a major impact on her. We still have a long way to go, but if it wasn’t for the help and support that Lucy has given, we would be facing a very different story, and one which I try not to think about.

My daughter has been seeing Lucy every fortnight for just over a year. She is receiving treatment for anxiety and because she had threatened to take her own life after she was bullied at school. She would have full on panic attacks, shut herself in her room and was scared to go out. She’d come home from school and not want to do anything. She found it very hard to sleep and didn’t want to sleep in her bedroom on her own. As a parent, it has been absolutely horrendous.

We initially went to Point 1, but this didn’t work for her so we were redirected to NSFT. Lucy worked hard to earn her trust, which takes a lot as she was a stranger to begin with. It is still a work in progress but I have certainly seen a difference in my daughter. We are not getting the threats to life or panic attacks anymore and although she’s still anxious, it’s not to the same degree. She’s also now going to school. Things are not perfect, but are a hell of a lot better than they were.

I really do feel that Lucy has gone above and beyond for us, which is why I wanted to nominate her. She has built up a really good rapport with my daughter. She doesn’t always want to share everything with me, so knowing she has someone to talk to who is independent really helps.

Examples of the things which Lucy has done which make her stand out include coming to a meeting at the school with us. We were having a lot of problems and I didn’t feel they were supporting my daughter as well as they could. Lucy came and met with the SEN and pastoral care staff and was there to support both of us. Knowing Lucy would be there made it a lot easier to get my daughter to go to the meeting.

Lucy has also suggested other things to help her, such as downloading an app to her phone to help with mindfulness and encouraging her to keep a diary so that she can see how far she has come. She is also helping her to work on her confidence.

As well as helping my daughter, Lucy has been a great support to me. After their sessions, she always lets me know that I can turn to her with any questions or problems. I know I have good support there if I need it.

Lucy is a true asset to NSFT and my daughter is slowly getting there thanks to her.

Nominated by: Mother of a service user