WINNER: Emma Wigley

Public Choice Awards:

Outstanding Care and Compassion Award (Children, Families and Young People)

Many of you have received outstanding care and support from a member of our staff and took this opportunity to give them the warmest possible pat on the back and nominated them for an award.

We asked you to nominate the person or team that you felt made all the difference to the care you or someone close to you has received.

You took the chance to tell us why what you have experienced has made a real difference to you. Sometimes it was the smallest things that mattered most, especially when you were at your most vulnerable. It was often the person for whom nothing was too much effort; or the person who always took time to explain what was going on, then discussed that with you and listened to your views.

Thank you for taking the time to nominate those members of staff that helped you make a change for the better in your life. To view the adult services shortlist, please visit our Public Choice Adult award page.


  • Winner: Emma Wigley

    In April I couldn’t leave my house, I was signed off of sixth form and spent my days sitting at home wallowing in sadness and anxiety.

    I was referred to Emma for Graduated Exposure. I was anxious about meeting her, but when I finally did she was the first person from the Trust I gell...

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  • Finalist: Daisy Corby

    Daisy has been the named nurse for my daughter for both of her admissions to Airey Close, the first of which was primarily to treat my daughter’s anorexia and the current admission is for treatment for depression and psychosis. I understand that Daisy volunteered to be the named nurse on t...

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  • Finalist: Jude Applin

    When I was referred to Mary Chapman House for negative feelings around food, I was terrified that I wasn’t going to be taken seriously. I turned up to my appointment and was met by Jude, who I wouldn’t even look at because I was so afraid. I sat with my hood up while she asked me all...

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  • Dr Sarah Rogers

    My son was diagnosed as suffering from severe clinical depression and anxiety at the age of nine years. It was an indescribably sad and stressful time for him and for me – as his mum. I learned that my son was suicidal, had extremely low self-esteem and had begun self-harming, I felt usele...

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  • Jo Percival

    Entry 1 (Mum):

    I would like to nominate Jo Percival as she has supported my daughter amazingly since 2012. Not only has she offered support to my daughter but the whole family as well. This has definitely helped my son who needed someone to talk to when his sister was poo...

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  • Paul Cathmoir

    Paul took our frightened, angry little girl and helped her understand and embrace her differences and begin to grow into a bright young adult.

    He treated the whole family with warmth and understanding and helped us feel proud of our coping strategies and successes.

    Now diagnosed wit...

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