Public Choice Awards 2018/19
Outstanding Care and Compassion Award: Adult

Waveney Mental Health Services

Has been shortlisted for this award

Victoria House 
Lowestoft, Waveney 

The nomination said...

I have been attending Victoria House for some time now and have worked with my support worker Jo Hubble for 11 years and she has been with me through the good and the bad. But I nominate the whole team based at Victoria House because when my mental health workers are not around and my mental health is good or bad I know I can walk in and see anyone and they will do everything they can and more to help me.

They are approachable, they are kind and very caring and when I have been at my lowest point I couldn’t ask for a better team.

Nothing is too much trouble and the staff always speak to me even when they are making their way out of the building, and it makes me feel very cared for.

I truly believe that this is not just a job to all that work at Victoria House, they genuinely do care. I have probably at times caused staff a lot of paperwork but they carry on caring. That’s just them and even the staff on reception are just as kind.

I am so glad that I have the best team ever.

Nominated by: A service user

I began seeing the team at Victoria House for treatment for bipolar about 12 or 13 years ago, and they have given me exceptional care and support ever since.

Before I was referred to the team, I didn’t receive much support. I would come out of hospital and left to get on with things on my own. But since I started going to Victoria House, the team have been brilliant.

They give me general support with day-to-day activities like shopping, and will take me to hospital appointments when I haven’t been able to rely on other people for help. The have made sure I have a strong bond with my mum and have helped me to reconnect with the community by getting involved with different groups, which has built my confidence and helped me socialise.

They don’t push me into things, but guide me towards them, which is all I can ask. I know they are always there to back me up if needed.

I regard many of the staff as friends and equals, and believe this is as it should be. I feel we have built up a good relationship over the years. I have suffered much distress, pain and loss, and the whole team have always stepped up and provided, both in times of crisis and when giving day-to-day care.

My dad died a few years ago and they have been a huge support since then, and have really helped to take the burden off my mum, wherever possible. I hit a low point a few months ago and overdosed, and again they were there for me like a shot. They have been excellent since – the level of care was really stepped up and I saw someone every day. To know that there was someone there each and every day made such a big difference.

I now see somebody once a week but can pop in and see the duty worker whenever I need to. They are always brilliant and will get things done for me. It’s nice to know there’s always someone there if I need them.

I don’t know where I would be without the team – there’s no simpler way to put it. They all really deserve an award.

Nominated by: A service user