Public Choice Awards 2018/19
Outstanding Care and Compassion Award: Adult

Poppy Ward

Has been shortlisted for this award

Woodlands Unit 
Ipswich, Suffolk 

The nomination said...

I was admitted to Poppy Ward at Woodlands (Ipswich Hospital) on the 12 August after being diagnosed with severe depression and after several suicide attempts.

I have to say I did not want to go, but I agreed and after a couple of days settling in it was the best thing that has happened to me for a long time.

The staff were OUTSTANDING! So friendly, so caring. The whole place came to feel like home to me for four weeks (but without the responsibility).

I have a very responsible job, plus my wife has a crippling neurological disease so I am her sole carer.

I found most of the staff fun to be around but also VERY good at their job. From the doctor and the care staff AND the cleaning and catering staff. The food was OUTSTANDING also! Two hot, very tasty meals a day.

I cannot be more happy with my treatment. Indeed, I would go as far to say that Poppy Ward saved my life!

Nominated by: A service user