Public Choice Awards 2018/19
Outstanding Care and Compassion Award: Adult

Paul Newbury

Is a finalist for this award

Job title
Clinical Support Worker 
Central IDT, Enhanced Community Pathway 

The nomination said...

From 2010 onwards I had been under adult mental health services in Suffolk, which included three long stays in Woodlands Mental Health Unit, Ipswich.

After an accident in 2011 that meant I could not continue the trade I was experienced in, my mental health declined significantly.

During those years I came into contact with many professionals in hospital, home treatment teams, community services and third sector support services. I have no doubt most of these people and teams helped somewhat but it was not until Paul Newbury was allocated to me as a support worker that I feel things have changed the most.

Paul worked hard to ensure that he established a friendly, containing, understanding and supportive role alongside me. On the days I felt I couldn’t cope with.going into a place where people were present, he balanced the need for me to feel safe with reassurance.

The pivotal change for me was Paul noticing how much all my medications were impacting on my day-to-day life. Paul was able to use his knowledge to feedback to the doctors and from there we made a plan to withdraw from most of these.

It is a testament to Paul, his skilled work, relationship building, gentle humour and insight. I strongly feel that without Paul I would still be in the cycle of strong medication and no self-belief.

Nominated by: A service user