WINNER: Owen Mutton

Public Choice Awards:

Outstanding Care and Compassion Award (Adult)

Many of you have received outstanding care and support from a member of our staff and took this opportunity to give them the warmest possible pat on the back and nominated them for an award.

We asked you to nominate the person or team that you felt made all the difference to the care you or someone close to you has received.

You took the chance to tell us why what you have experienced has made a real difference to you. Sometimes it was the smallest things that mattered most, especially when you were at your most vulnerable. It was often the person for whom nothing was too much effort; or the person who always took time to explain what was going on, then discussed that with you and listened to your views.

Thank you for taking the time to nominate those members of staff that helped you make a change for the better in your life. To view the Children, Families and Young People services shortlist, please visit our Public Choice Children and Families award page.


  • Winner: Owen Mutton

    In 2015 I started accessing the Norfolk Recovery Partnership. At this point I was appointed Mr Owen Mutton as my case worker. At this time, I had been released from prison for only one day. I had gone through alcohol detoxification whilst in prison. I was highly vulnerable and felt isolated and...

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  • Finalist: Peter Smith-Howell

    Entry 1:

    Peter runs the mindfulness course and also donates his time to run regular reunions for those on the course to meet, talk and practise. Peter’s teaching and professionalism has helped my life in a far better way than I ever thought possible. I can’t thank ...

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  • Finalist: Carers’ Support Groups

    Entry 1 – Lowestoft

    I would like to nominate Howard and Mandy for this award. For more than three years they have provided me with invaluable support as I have dealt with a member of my family who has mental health issues. I know that their help is greatly appreciated by...

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  • Alex Jones

    Alex is a breath of fresh air. She has been caring for me for the past six years and helps me in ways I cannot describe. Without her, I honestly feel I wouldn’t be here today.

    Alex keeps me going. She is always at the end of the phone if I need her and, if I haven’t seen her for a whil...

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  • Sue Turner

    I would like to nominate Sue Turner, my Care Support Mental Health Practitioner, because she believed in me getting better. She tirelessly kept telling me that I could and would get better after having several horrible things happen to me in my life came to a head. Having a complete melt down, bo...

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  • Dr Shamim Ruhi

    I have been under the care of Dr Ruhi for six years. He has always been very supportive to me and is such a genuinely kind, compassionate and sensitive man. He is always ready to listen and offers the most sensible advice. He gives me great encouragement, which is very important when you feel a l...

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  • Maggie Batchelar & Juliet Lockhart

    Entry 1:

    The ’Creative Heritage in Mind’ project has taken place across four museums in Suffolk. It is for people who have or have had mental health issues.

    Participants have created art pieces inspired and influenced by museum objects that reflect how they see ...

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  • Sarah Blackburn

    Sarah has been acting as my care coordinator in all but title. Sarah has taken the time to get to know me and my family who care for me. Sarah has always been honest and kind and caring. Sarah is the best support worker I have known.

    Sarah has provided support in gaining me access to the R...

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  • Edward Barton

    Edward Barton has made a big difference to my son, helping reduce his anxieties and making his life that little bit brighter.

    My son has paranoid schizophrenia, and was under Ed’s care for around four years. During that period, he always took the time to care and to listen. He didn’t r...

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  • Tamisha Orton

    I’ve been receiving care from Tamisha for around a year, and have found her positivity and ability to plan ahead a real inspiration. A great listener, she really thinks about what I’ve said and always manages to put things I find difficult to express into words. She seems to clarify my own th...

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  • Lianne Nunn

    Entry 1:

    I have chosen Lianne for this award because of her commitment and drive in her relatively new role, to improve the care of the people using her service. Also at meetings, for her determination to make sure service users and carers are at the centre of care.

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Alan Tidmarsh | Norfolk Recovery Partnership

When I was referred to NRP, Alan listened and helped. I cannot say that I will never drink again but life is so much better now for this 65 year old and also the rest of the family. He always had time and certainly went beyond the extra mile.

Alex Jones | Central IDT, Suffolk

Without her I would have lost hope. Alex has kept me going through some of the toughest times of my life and is always keen to help in whatever way she can.

Dale Hartle | Yare Ward, Hellesdon Hospital

He has been very helpful and shown me lots of interesting books. I would like to thank him most sincerely for all his help.

Dr Shamim Ruhi | Complexity in Later Life, Suffolk

Dr Ruhi has always been very supportive to me and is such a genuinely kind, compassionate and sensitive man. He is always ready to listen and offers the most sensible advice.

Edward Barton | Coastal IDT, Suffolk

Ed has the personal touch and really cared about what my son was going through. Having seen him with other service users too, I know he offers that same excellent service to everyone.

Emma Ransome | Suffolk Wellbeing Service

I received eight weeks telephone help and guidance for my anxiety issues. Right from the initial interview Emma conveyed understanding, empathy compassion and I was reassured by her ability to help.

Howard Tidman, Mandy Halliday, Emma Thomas & Tiffany Cecchini | Carers Support Groups, Norfolk and Waveney

For more than three years they have provided me with invaluable support as I have dealt with a member of my family who has mental health issues. I know that their help is greatly appreciated by all who have attended this group, past and present.

Karen Ball | Central IDT, Suffolk

She is open, friendly and really welcoming of all service user and carer’s members.  Always welcomes everyone genuinely. A real asset to NSFT

Lianne Nunn | Access & Assessment Team & Wellbeing, Suffolk

Lianne is a breath of fresh air as the new Modern Matron. She is genuinely interested in hearing the service user and carer voice, involving service users and carers in staff learning events.

Maggie Batchelar & Juliet Lockhart | Creative Heritage in Mind, Suffolk

Through the patience and kindness of the lead artist, Juliet Lockhart, I was able to discover that actually I am worthy of the voice I was never able to give myself.

Melissa Barton | Norfolk Recovery Partnership

Melissa has been a great help to me in her role. She has displayed compassion, empathy and humour!  She is adaptive to the needs of the individual and has made an amazing difference to me.

Norfolk Recovery Partnership | North Walsham, Norfolk

They have been understanding and helped me a great deal. They have put me on the right road with my drinking and taught me to talk about things and been very kind and caring. I would advise anyone who have had problems like mine to go and see them.

Owen Mutton | Norfolk Recovery Partnership

Owen is such a kind and considerate person and always goes the extra mile to help and assist in any way. I believe I owe him my life.

Peer Support Workers Service | St Clements Hospital, Ipswich

My experience made it very easy for me to understand how important the service is for not just at the time of the need, but for ongoing recovery.

Pete Devlin | Central IDT

Pete truly wants to hear people’s news and feedback to reflect on experiences and to see how things can be developed and improved to ensure people have better experiences to improved outcomes.

Peter Smith-Howell | Suffolk Wellbeing Service

Peter was friendly, calm and relaxed and I always left the classes feeling better than when I’d arrived.

Sarah Blackburn | Coastal IDT, Suffolk

Sarah has supported me through some very dark times. And this has helped relieve some of the pressure from my family and, for this, I am truly grateful.

Sue Turner | Assistant Practitioner, Suffolk

Her patience, kindness, helpfulness and smile eventually got me here today, feeling on top of the world. Sue is a truly remarkable, lovely person; I feel so lucky to have met her.

Tamisha Orton | Walker Close, Suffolk

Tamisha has made a big difference to my life by giving me the encouragement I need to carry on when things get tough. She always looks at situations positively and in ways I hadn’t thought about, which helps me realise I should never give up.

Tracey Holland | Southgate Ward, Suffolk

Tracey has a friendly, warm and non-judgemental manner about her and puts the service user at the heart of all she does.