Frequently Asked Questions: Staff choice awards

Q. What is the closing date for nominations?

A. Nominations open on 13 August 2018 and close at midday on 9 November 2018.

Q. Who can nominate someone for an award?

A. Nominations will be accepted from all members of staff, excluding our Board members, judging panel members and adjudicators.

All award categories will be open to staff nominating their colleagues, apart from the two public choice awards. These will be nominated by service users and carers, using a separate form.

Q. Who can be nominated?

A. Any employee or volunteer can be nominated for the work they currently do for our Trust. The individual or team must be currently employed by the Trust (including, for example, Wellbeing services and Peer Support Workers) or work for the Trust in an unpaid capacity.

Q. How can I nominate someone?

A. To nominate someone you need to complete a Nomination Form, which can be downloaded from the Putting People First Awards page on the Trust Intranet.

Q. How can I nominate if I don’t have access to a PC?

A. If you don’t have regular access to a computer, you can still take part in the nomination process. Email: or call 01603 421120 and we will send you a hardcopy Nomination Pack and Form.

Q. Can I make more than one nomination?

A. Yes. There are no limits on the number of nominations that can be submitted in any of the award categories.

Q. How do I choose the most appropriate award category for my nomination?

A. Read the award descriptions and the specific criteria listed for each award, which can be found in the Nomination Pack on the Intranet. Choose the award that has the ‘best fit’ for the individual / team that you would like to nominate.

If the shortlisting panel feels that your nomination fits better into another category, and this would give it a better chance of being shortlisted, they will discuss this with you and you can decide if you wish to move it into another category.

Q. How can I ensure that my nomination has the best chance of success?

A. Judges will be looking for nominations that best meet the award description and specific award value and criteria. They will score nominations according to how well you have addressed the questions in the nomination form and how effectively you have referenced the criteria. Please give as much evidence / as many examples as possible.

Q. Can I nominate a team I am working in?

A. Absolutely. If you are proud of the work that you do collectively every day, complete a nomination form!

In light of positive working relations we would ask that when nominating teams you include the whole team rather than just some individuals or particular staffing groups. Of course, if the nomination is for a specific project group then indicating that is acceptable.

Q. Will my nomination be acknowledged?

A. For staff nominating colleagues, you will receive confirmation of your nomination. If you don’t receive a response within five working days of your submission, please get in touch with us at: or call 01603 421120.

Q. How will I know who has been nominated across the Trust?

A. A list of all the nominations will be posted on the Trust Intranet soon after the closing date. This will be highlighted in Trust Update with a link to the full list.


Q. What is the process for shortlisting?

A. Following the nominations closing date, a shortlisting process will take place. This involves marking every nomination received against the scoring criteria in its award category.

Each award category comes with its own unique criteria. Each of these has a maximum score of 5. For example, if a category has five criteria the maximum overall score will be 25. The closer the nomination fits the criteria the higher the score will be.

Shortlisting is performed by people who can neither nominate nor judge any entries to ensure the awards process remains independent and fair.

This will leave six shortlisted entries in each award category; the six which scored the highest marks. If more than six score the same high marks after a second review, they will all go through. These will then go forward for judging / staff voting to decide the finalists – the overall winner and two highly commended in each award category.

Q. How will I know who has been shortlisted?

A. A list of the shortlisted candidates will be posted on the Trust Intranet, highlighted in Trust Update, and listed on the awards page of this site.

Judging and voting

Q. Who judges the awards?

A. We want to ensure that all of our key stakeholders – our staff, our service users and carers, commissioners and other members of the public – get a chance to take part in the judging or voting process, to give everyone an opportunity to participate and have their say.


1. All staff will be invited to vote in five award categories:

2. A judging panel, including representatives from our Trust Board, Council of Governors, Staff Side and Service Users / Carers will meet to decide the winners of the following four awards:

3. For the Public Choice awards, there will be judging panels, including appropriate representatives from our media sponsors (Archant); our clinical / nursing directorates; commissioners; and Youth Councils.
They will meet to decide the winners of the following two award categories:

Q. How will you keep judging and voting fair?

A. We have staff voting across the majority of awards categories, and we will ensure that the voting / judging process is as robust as we can make it with controls in place to keep it as fair as possible.

For staff voting, systems will also be put in place to ensure that you can only vote once per staff award category, to avoid people unfairly weighting the voting numbers by repeatedly voting for the same candidate. (You can vote in more than one award category.) Members of the official judging panels are excluded from nominating to ensure the awards remain an independent and fair process. Judges will also vote independently and confidentially, based on the quality of each nomination put before them. There will only be a collective debate on a winner if two or more candidates share the same score after the first round of the judges’ voting.

The judging process will be adjudicated by the Communications Team, who will remain neutral.

Q. What is the process for staff voting?

A. Electronic votes will only be accepted from an NSFT or address. In the staff voting process you will be asked to indicate the individual / team you think should win in each award category. You can only vote once per staff award category.

You can, of course, vote in each of the five award categories open to staff voting, and in each you will be choosing from the shortlist.

Q. How can I vote if I don’t have access to a PC?

A. If you don’t have regular access to a computer, you can still take part in the voting process. Email: or call 01603 421120 and we will send you a hardcopy voting form.


Q. How are the Putting People First Awards being funded?

A. Although there is a small contingency budget to get the initiative off the ground and enable some early planning of the event, the aim is to cover as much of the cost as possible through sponsorship. The planning team are working hard to attract sponsors and one of our first offers of sponsorship has been the venue for the awards ceremony.

Awards Evening

Q. When and where will the awards ceremony be held?

A. This year, the awards ceremony will take place on the evening of Thursday, 21 March 2019 at Trinity Park, Felixstowe Road, Ipswich. Put the date in your diary now! Closer to the event, more information about getting to the venue will be released.

Q. If I am a nominator will I receive an invitation to the awards ceremony?

A. If you have nominated a team or individual that makes it into the final three, there will be a guaranteed ticket for you to the awards ceremony. Seating arrangements will ensure that you can sit with your nominee/s and cheer them on.

Q. If I am a finalist do I receive an invitation to the awards ceremony?

A. Individual finalists will be guaranteed a ticket to the awards ceremony. Seating arrangements will ensure that you can sit with your nominator.

Teams will be guaranteed five tickets (plus your nominator) for you to decide among yourselves the representatives who will attend.

There will also be an invited audience of key stakeholders and sponsors at the event, cheering on your excellent work.

Any spare tickets available closer to the event will be offered to the finalists in a fair manner.

Q. Will any prizes be presented at the awards ceremony?

A. The winner in each of the awards categories will receive an engraved trophy and certificate to mark their achievement and the runners-up will receive a certificate.


Further information

We hope that we have covered most of your questions relating to the awards. If you have further questions, or you would like information on any the FAQs above, please email: or call 01603 421120.